Born: 1953
Profession: Architecte DPLG - Urbaniste SFU

- Great National Prize of Architecture (1993)
- Mies van der Rohe Pavilion Award for European Architecture conferred by the Foundation Mies van der Rohe and the European Parliament for the French National Library (1997)
- Chevalier of the Legion of Honor (January 1997)
- Honorable member of the Association of German Architects (BDA)
- Member of the Academy of Architecture

University Graduations:
- 1978: Diploma in architecture (�cole sup�rieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris)
- 1979: Higher diploma in town planning (�cole sup�rieure des Ponts et Chauss�e, Paris)
- 1980: Postgraduate degree in history (�cole des Hautes �tudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris)

- 1981: opening of his office in Paris
- 1992: opening of his office in Berlin


- Winner of the following international design competitions (constructed projects):

- 1989: French National Library (Biblioth�que nationale de France): constructed
- 1991: Velodrome, Olympic swimming and diving pool in Berlin (velodrome: completion september 1997, swimming pool: due for completion in 1998

- Winner of the following national design competItions (constructed projects):

- 1984: ESIEE (�cole Sup�rieure d' lng�nieurs en �lectronique et en �lectrotechnique), for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris - Marne-la-Vall�e
- 1986: Housing 'Les Caps Horniers', apartments - Rez�-les-Nantes
- 1988: Meuse departmental headquarters - Bar-le-Duc (H�teI du D�partement de Ia Meuse)
- 1987: SAGEP water processing plant - lvry-sur-Seine
- 1988: Multi-story Industrial edifice 'H�tel industriel Berlier' - Paris
- 1989: Mayenne departmental archives - Laval
- 1989: Usinor-Sacilor conference center - Saint-Germain-en-Laye
- 1997: 'The Great Greenhouse' Cit� des Sciences et de l' lndustrie - Paris

- Other constructed buildings (direct orders):

- 1991: Housing 'Le Louis Lumi�re', apartments - Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
- 1993: Stand Technal Batimat 1993- Paris
- 1994: Housing 'Les Balcons du Canal', apartments - Paris
- 1995: CTL (Center for book treatment) - Bussy-Saint-Georges
- 1996: Stand for the international exhibition Elec 96 'Architecture and Light' - Paris
- 1996: Design of the furniture for the French National Library - Paris

- Berlin, olympic swimming and diving pool, competition 1991, due for completion in 1998
- Luxembourg: extension of the Court of Justice of the European Community, competition 1996, due for completion in 2003
- Geneva: building for the Place of the Nations for the Institute for Strategic Studies (GCSP), competition 1995, due for completion in 2000
- Nantes: construction of a manufacturing plant for the APLIX company, direct order, studies in progress
- V�nissieux (near Lyon): construction of the Central Media Library, competition 1997, studies in progress

GREAT URBAN STUDIES (completed and in progress)
- Nantes: the isle of Nantes (Saint-Anne), 1992-1995
- Tremblay-en-France: urban development of the city center, 1995-1997
- Bordeaux: urban development of the two river banks of the Qaronne, studies in progress, 1992-1997
- Caen: site UNIMETAL, District du Grand Caen, urban development scheme, studies in progress, 1994-1998
- Berlin: BLEG '088 Spreeknie', redevelopment of an industrial area (offices, university facilities, housing), studies In progress

- January 1997: Innsbruck, Austria: extension of the ancient town hall, winning project
- January 1997: French Embassy in Berim
- January 1997: Departmental archives in Annecy, Haute-Savoie
- March 1997: Extension of the Museum of Modem Art in New York (MOMA)
- September 1997: International competition for the Costantini Museum in Buenos Aires (private contracting authority)
- September 1997: 'Cargo' cultural center in Grenoble
- October 1997: Central Media Library In V�nissieux (near Lyon), winning project

- March 1996: Foreign Office Department in Berlin
- May 1996: Archives center in Reims
- June 1996: National Library Kansai-kan in Japan
- June 1996: Extension of the Court of Justice of the European Communities, Luxembourg (with associated architects Paczowski & Fritsch)
- August 1996: Airport of Dortmund, Germany
- September 1996: Theater (500 places) in Ch�teau Gontier
- October 1996: Design of city lighting for the town of Paris
- December 1996: European center of Federal Express (administration and transport)

- November 1994: Neptune Program 'Petite Californie' in Nantes, water purification plant
- January 1995: Port of Yokohama, city of Yokohama 1 with distinction
- February 1995: Design of high tension pylons, EDF France
- April 1995: Highway A20, Autoroutes du Sud de Ia France, landscape scheme
- April 1995: City center of Tremblay, city of Tremblay-en-France, urban development scheme, winning project
- June 1995: Place of the Nations, r�publique et canton de Gen�ve, urban scheme, at the outcome of this competition, Dominiqe Perrault was selected for the construction of the Geneva Center for Security Policy
- June 1995: The great greenhouse, city of science and industry in Paris, winning project
- July 1995: Stadium of Marseille, city of Marseille
- October 1995: Exit of underground station in Berlin Torh�user Leipziger Platz), city of Berlin
- October 1995: Saint-Honor� building, Ministry of culture, offices
- November 1995: Site UNIMETAL, District du grand Caen, urban development scheme, winning project

- 1983: Winner of the 'Program for New Architecture' (PAN XII)
- 1983: Winner of the 'Album of Young Architecture', Ministry of Housing
- 1984: First prize AMO (architect / client) for the tools plant Someloir
- 1987: Special prize of the Seine and Marne department
- 1987: Prize of the 'Cercle de l'Arcade'
- 1990: Second prize for town planning for the Biblioth�que nationale de France
- 1990: First prize of the Moniteur magazine for the Hotel industriel Berlier
- 1990: First prize AMO (architect / client) for the H�tel industriel Berlier
- 1992: Constructa Prize '92 european prize for the H�tel industriel Berlier
- 1993: Great National Prize of Architecture (Grand prix national d' architecture)
- 1996: Special mention, Constructec-Prize 1996 (european prize for industrial architecture)
- 1997: Mies van der Rohe Pavilion Award for European Architecture conferred by the Foundation Mies van der Rohe and the European Parliament for the French National Library

- 1991: Gallery Denise Ren� / Rive Gauche: 'Studies for the Biblioth�que de France' Gallery Denise Ren� / Rive Droite:
- 1992: Monographic exhibition, Institut Fran�ais d' Architecture
- 1993: Seville (Spain): French contemporary architecture - 11 projects
- 1994: Bordeaux: monographic exhibition (Arc en R�ve)
Bordeaux: exhibition and public presentation of the urban study
- 1996: AEDES Gallery in Berlin
- 1996: Exhibition in the Architekturgalerie Luzern, Switzerland
- 1996: Biennial in Venice
- 1996: Rotterdam: Netherlands Architecture Institute 'Europe in dialogue'
- 1997: Barcelona: Museum of Contemporary Art, 'New Landscapes'
- 1997: Tokyo: 'The Six French Architects' Exhibition at the GA Gallery
- 1997: Lisbon: Monographic exhibition at the Portuguese Architecture Insititue
- 1998: Innsbruck: Monographic exhibition at the Architekturforum Innsbruck
- 1998: Exhibition at the French Institute of Architecture of the projects preselected for the Mies van der Rohe Award 1997

- 1982-1984: Development architect in the Parisian town-planning workshop (APUR)
- 1986: Consultant architect for the Loiret department council
- Since 1990: Consultant architect for the city of Nantes
- Since 1994: Member of the council for urban planning of the city of Salzburg (Austria)
- Since 1988: Member of the board of the French Institute of Architecture (IFA)
- Since 1992: Consultant architect for the city of Bordeaux
- 1995-1996: Lecturer at the University of Architecture in Rennes
- 1998: Plym Distinguished Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
- Member of numerous competition juries in France, Japan, Germany, Austria,...

- 1988: ESIEE, photographs, Hubert Tonka and Georges Fessy, (out of print)
- 1990: H�tel industriel Berlier, photographs, Hubert Tonka and Georges Fessy, (out of print)
- 1994: Monograph, Art�mis editions, Switzerland
- 1995: La Biblloth�que nationale de France, Birkh�user editions, Switzerland
- 1996: Exhibition catalogue for the AEDES Gallery in Berlin, edited by Sens & Tonka
- 1996: Exhibition catalogue 'Des Natures', Architekturgalerie Luzern, Birkhauser editions
- 1997: 'Meubles et Tapisseries, Furniture and Fabrics', Birkhauser editions

given in the last years in: Milan, Lisbon, London, Berlin, Munich, Tokyo, Ottawa, Cambridge, Luxembourg, Pisa, Lyon, Paris, Barcelona, Palermo, Naples, Rome, Washington, Helsinki, Oslo, Freiburg, Copenhagen