Union of the Graduates of the Superior Fine Arts School of Athens



The union has the following tasks:
1. Develop, distribute and promote the visual arts towards the public.
2. Participate at the spiritual, social and cultural development of its members and the public in general.
3. Develop ties and relations among its members and a spirit of cooperation among them.
4. Provide a material and spiritual support to those of its members that need it.
5. Promote and serve the professional interests of its members and make better their social place.
The Union does not have any commercial interests.
The Union accomplishes the above with diverse means, in particular conferences, exhibitions of art works, projections, cooperation with other organizations and foundations, museums and public authorities ,
the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and the Superior School of Fine Arts.

The Union has about 650 members



Walking up at the pedestrian street, passing by the place with ruins called "The Winds", at the antique Roman Market in Plaka, one can meet the Tholou and Panos Streets where are the buildings of EPASKT.
The interest for the Fine Arts of the former Minister of Culture Melina Merkouri and the donation of the buildings to EPASKT, were received positively by the visual artists.
The public can observe here the works exhibited by the graduates of the Superior Fine Arts School.
The beautiful garden and the bar, create , in a simple and calm environment, the conditions that permit the promotion of the arts and the development of relations among its members in particular and more generally the public.
We believe that our collaborations with all kinds of artists cultivate the cultural relations and promote common aesthetic targets.
Therefore in parallel to the exhibitions of painting, prints and sculpture of the graduates, we organize conferences, theater plays, movie projections and concerts...