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Hermann H�rtel was born on August 7th, 1943 in Klosterneuburg, near Vienna, Austria . Studies at the College of Applied Arts in Vienna, 1967 - 1972.

Between 1971 and 1998 participation in numerous exhibitions abroad including (Bonn, Amsterdam, Perugia, Washington, Triest, Rom, Krakau, Seoul, Luxemburg, Baden-Baden ...).

1973 Award at a competition of the Austrian Federal Train Association Secession

1974 Award at the 14th Austrian print competition, Innsbruck

Culture award of the town of Klosterneuburg

Rank Xerox competition award

Promotion award of the country of Lower Austria

1976 Award at the 3rd Austrian print competition, Krems

1977 Dr. Koref Contest award

1978 Theodor K�rner Award

1979 Franz Rumpler Medal

1980 Award at the 17th Austrian print competition, Innsbruck

1981 3rd International Print-Biennale, Seoul

1982 Award at the 18th Austrian print competition, Innsbruck

1983 Biennale of European print, Baden-Baden

1984 Cassette Containing 12 etchings "Under the Leopoldsberg", Ed.Tusch

1985 Print competition award by Schwan-Stabilo

1986 Cassette Containing 14 etchings "The Wachau", published by Herold

1987 Illustration "The way of the unicorns", Edition Atelier

1988 Illustration "The ride on the balloon", published by Jungbrunnen

1989 Flying object, Penta Hotel, Vienna

1990 FlyIng object, "The condor", for the contest "Arts In public location" elementary school Hadersdorf/Kamp, Lower Austria

1991 Flying object, Fa. Endress + Hauser, Vienna

1992 Flying object, Austrian association for quality control Illustration "Sunsail maize" Pioneer Saaten

1993 Flying object "Zeppelin" hospital Glanzing, Vienna Flying object "Paper flyer" elementary school, Vienna

1994 Etching, Austrian association for quality control, Vienna Calender, AUVA Vienna

1995 Flying object "Looping" Etching, Austrian association for quality control, Linz

1996 Ladies' public baths Baden, interior decoration of the bathing cabins

1997 IllustratIon "The writer" published by Der Apfel Print biennale Osimo

1998 European Print biennale, Brugge