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Date of birth: 1956. Norway


1979 - 83: State College of Art and Design, Oslo

1983 - 84: Royal College of Art, London


Group exhibitions:

«Norwegian Craft», annual exhibition, Oslo, 1982-90

Kunstnerforbundet, summer show, Oslo 1984

Gallery Aspects, London 1984

Norwegian travelling exhibition, England 1984

«Trikk-group», Ateljee 585, Helsinki 1985

«Trikk-group», summer exhibition in Kunstnerforbundet,
Oslo 1985

«Tendencies», annual exhibition of art in Moss, Norway 1985

Galleri Tyholmen, Arendal 1986

«Trikk-group», Galleri Albin Upp, Oslo 1986

«New Jewelry» international exhib. Kulturhuset, Stockholm 1986

«Design for the body», ASF-Gallery, New York 1986

Gallery Clodage-Ross-Williams, New York 1986

«Trikk-group», Gallery V&V, Vienna 1987

«Schmuck-szene», Munich 1987

«Design for the body», travelling exhibition, Netherland 1987

«Scandinavia today», Tokyo, New York 1987

Exhibition of Norwegian jewelry, Røhsska Museet, Gothenburgh 1989

«Alle ting er tre», exhibition of wooden objects, Museum of Applied Art, Oslo 1989

Nord-Form 90, exhibition of Scandinavian Art and Design, Malmø 1990

Jewelry-triennal, Paris 1990

«Norwegian Wood», travelling exhibition, Europe 1990-91

Craft triennal in Balticum, Tallin 1991

Gallery Fjordheim, Lillehammer 1992

Lillehammer Art Union, Lillehammer 1993

Gallery Metal, Copenhagen 1993

«In touch», Maihaugen in Lillehammer, Norway 1994

The Peder Balke Center in Østre Toten, Norway 1994

Hordaland Art Center in Bergen, Norway 1995

«Circulation», Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo, 1995

«The pilgrimage to Cythera», international exhibition of love and eroticism in fine arts, St. Petersburgh, Russia 1997

«Gifts of the forest, gifts of the loom», travelling exhibition in China, India, Korea and Russia 1997-98

«Art o´hoi», Kapp Melkefabrikk in Østre Toten, Norway 1999

Galleri Edvardas Hus in Tranøy, Norway 1999

Galleri Vikerødegården in Hamar, Norway 1999

«Sofa», curated and hosted by Charon Kransen, Chicago 1995, 1997

«Sofa», curated and hosted by Charon Kransen,    New York 1998, 1999, 2000

Solo exhibitions:

Bergen Art Society, Bergen 1998

Artists Union, Oslo 1996

Røhsska Museum of Applied Art, Gothenburgh, Sweden 1995

Gallery RAM, Oslo 1991

Artists Union, Oslo 1988


Museum of Applied Art in Oslo

West-Norway Museum of Applied Art, Bergen

The Trondheim Museum of Applied Art, Trondheim

The Art Museum of Northern Norway, Tromsø

The Art Council of Norway

Museum of Applied Art, Copenhagen

The National Museum, Stockholm

Cooper ­ Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution, New York

Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin

National Museum og Scotland, Edinburgh

Røhsska Museum of Applied Art Gothenburgh

Epcot-center in Florida

Lillehammer City Hall

Prices received:

Art price of Den Norske Hypotekforening, 1998

«The Arts and Cratfs Price», 1989

The Culture Prize for Young Artists, Foreningen Norsk Form, 1990

Torsten and Wanja Söderberg´s Nordc  Design Award, 1995

Jacob-prisen, Norsk Form, 1997

International Publications:

International Crafts ­ Martina Margetts

«The Best in Modern Jewelry» ­ David Watkins

«Jewelry of Our Time» ­ Helen Drutt and Peter Dormer

Dictionaire International du Bijoù ­ Marguerite de Cerval  


Hedmark College at Evenstad, Norway 1990

Vestfold Central Hospital in Tønsberg, Norway 1993

Lillehammer Train station, Norway 1994

Froland Secondary School, Norway 1995

Hamar Hospital, Norway 2000


Future plans:

Solo exhibition at the Art Museum of South Norway, Kristiansand, Norway March 2001

Travelling exhibition curated by Charon Kransen, U.S.A. 2001-2002