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Laurence Paolini, Painter - decorator

Laurence Paolini began her career in Geneva (Switzerland) by creating theatre sets, trompe l'oeil works (architectural/scenery/animal life), as well as figurative painting. She then studied at the Van der Kelen Logelain Institut Supérieur de peinture in Brussels, where she perfected her skills in wood graining, marbling imitation, antique patinas and gilding

Sandro Cubeddu, Painter - decorator

Sandro Cubeddu studied in Italy and then Paris, where he specialised in the techniques he now applies at the Atelier Le Castel.



"Creating, restoring, transfiguring

The Atelier Le Castel, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, works on both creation, decoration and restoration, historical and modern projects. Its technical and artistic skills encompass a broad range of styles and expressions. It masters techniques such as painted canvas, fake wood, fake marble, trompe l’oeil…

La Chaux-de-Fonds, a town inscribed since 2009 on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, has proved a propitious environment for the development of the Atelier, which has taken part in major restoration work on:

- the Ancien Manège (former stables), with fake marbles and decors in
   the Art Nouveau style
- the organ and Faller hall of the La Chaux-de-Fonds conservatoire, in
   the baroque style
- a number of painted stairwells, particularly of the building at no. 28,
    Rue de la Serre

Between 2000 and 2010, the Atelier Le Castel has conducted several major projects, including designing and crafting the artwork for prestigious MSC cruise ships by interpreting various themes.

Various restaurants, casinos, banks and fine watch brands have entrusted the Atelier Le Castel with enhancing their exhibition booths, showrooms, reception rooms, etc. Moreover, private individuals attentive to the quality of their surroundings have also called upon the studio’s creativity and professionalism.

The liners build in Saint-Nazaire for the MSC fleet (the most modern in the world) are distinguished by their unique way of combining original decors, high-quality materials, and the care lavished on everything that may contribute to passengers well-being and pleasure.

The design and execution of the artwork of the ship interiors were entrusted to the Atelier Le Castel. In close cooperation with the ship owner and the architect, Laurence Paolini and Sandro Cubeddu devoted several years of work and the full force of their talent to these exceptional cruise ships, creating an exclusive world for each of them." (text by the artists)