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Pino Pandolfini was born in Gambettola (Forli) in Italy in 1947.

1967-69 Worked at Mario and Carlo Leon Engraving and Sculpture Workshops in Bologna.

1969-73 Studied at the School of Fine Arts in Bologna

1975 - 77 Worked with the "Alzaia" Cultural Centre in Rome and participated in exhibitions as well as in the publication of art albums.

1977 Together with Dim itra Siaterli they founded the "Athens Engraving Centre", a workshop which collaborates with artists on printing and the publication of engraving works and albums and organises exhibitions and seminars on engraving.

1977 - 80 As a member of the "Copper Engraving Group", he participated in exhibitions in many Greek cities.

1983 Illustrated '6Krypti", a collection of poems by Michalis Santorinios

1989 He was a founding member of the "Engraving Centre Group".

1994 The art album "Tanagraies" was published, with poems by Michalis Santorinios and copper engravings by Pino Pandolfini.



1981 Ora Cultural and Art Centre, Athens Syntechnia Gallery, Thessaloniki

1983 Anemos Gallery, Kifissia - Athens

Medieval Castle, participation in performance at "Eidola", Longiano, Forli -Italy

1986 Circolo Artistico Gallery, Bologna - Italy

1987 Trito Mati Gallery, Athens

1989 Epoches Gallery, Kifissia - Athens

"Images fronthe past", Archaeological Museum of loannina, loannina

1990 "Images fronthe past", L'Atelier Gallery, Alexandria - Egypt

"Images fronthe past", Gallery of the Italian Cultural Institute of Cairo, Cairo

1991 "Images fronthe past", Archaeological Institute of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki The series of exhibitions entitled "Images from the Past" (1 989-'91) was organised with the participation of the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens, Alexandria and Cairo.

1995 Smaragda Ioannatou Centre of Art and Culture- visual presentation "Traces in space" (under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens), Athens