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Born in 1934 in Larissa, Greece.

Widely traveled with cultural stays in England and Scandinavia, studies in Paris, France and the Museum School of Fine Arts, Houston, U.S.A.

1964. Married the British artist Marta Clark, returned to Greece to live mostly in a remote district of Chalchidiki, with art as sole occupation.

Apart from the domain of sculpture he has devoted long years of research to breaking new ground in techniques, materials and aesthetic theory, writing and giving educational lectures on these subjects.

Free standing sculpture and works in relief.

in many combinations of materials have been shown in exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Many of these works now belong to public and private collections.

Many sided aspects of his work are permanently exhibited in the gallery 'Visual Concepts' in Thessaloniki.

He is an establishing member of the Visual Artists´ Association of Northern Greece.