THEODOROS PAPAYANNIS, sculptor, project


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A delegation from Athens arrives at Chicago. The runners carry a friendship and partnership message. The runners, similar to ancient Greek pottery figures, run through time, emerging from antiquity to meet the present.

Five runners, who could be representing the citizens of the five continents. The international airport welcomes a variety of populations from different countries, of different cultures. The figures are given in a simple and contemporary way. Without volume, they are like visions, shadows without weight, characterized by rhythm and proportions. It is an easily comprehensible and perceptible concept for a viewer, moving at a certain pace.

The work will be constructed with contemporary technology and some relatively new, weatherproof and resistant materials: 2-3 mm stainless steel depending on the work's dimensions, which will be determined precisely after my first visit at the site. There will be space between the 5 figures (they will not be stuck to one another, as shown in the maquette) and they will be connected with vertical bars to each other. This is deliberately designed that way, so that hidden lighting can be arranged between the spaces, especially at the back of the work, in the shadows, which will make the work more impressive during the night.

? am interested in the game between emptiness and fullness. It changes constantly. According to what lies behind the work, the figures change, due to the fact that they are "materialless" and "space creating". The work is immediately recognizable and delivers the message instantly.

The work will be put on a very sharp, arrow-shaped triangle, which will emphasize the motion. This will also be constructed of stainless steel. It will almost touch the ground. There will be no specific need to rearrange the surrounding space. The proposed dimensions of the work are 400 cm (height) ? 800 cm (length), but this is open to discussion, if the space calls for a bigger solution,

The cost of the work, comprising materials, construction, transport and placement is set at 300.000 € (Euros).

The construction will be completed 1 year after the signature of the agreement and the advance payment.


Theodoros Papagiannis Sculptor

Prof. at the Athens School of Fine Arts