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Please click on the images to view them in bigger size. Copyright art and photos © 2002-2003 Yannis Koutsouradis




Yannis Koutsouradis was born in Athens, Greece.



Athens School of Fine Arts, 1969-1975, Diploma in Sculpture, under Yannis Pappas Central / Saint Martin’s School of Art, in Conjunction to the Royal College of art London, 1987 – ’88, ADV Diploma. Research on Enamelled Steel Sculpture, under Alan Gauk Rietveld Academie / Beeldende Kunst, Amsterdam, Project, Enamelled  Steel Sculpture, 1989 - 1992, under René van der Land         



Fellow Member of the British Council - Awarded for Master of Arts for London. The Greek National Scholarship Foundation Award for The Netherlands, (2 years). Awarded a State Sculpture Price of The Netherlands. Praises of the Dutch cities Katwijk  and Etten-Leur. Appointed personal member to The Institute of Vitreous Enamellers of Great Britain. 


Commissions in public   

Open-Air Sea Sculpture Projects for the Over-Ocean Vessels:  ‘Century’, ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Mercury’, United States of America I, II Sculpture Groups / Fountain, for the ‘Dassia’ Hotels & Resorts, Corfu, Greece. The II World War Resistance Bronze Memorial, Harbour of Chios, Greece. Various busts in marble or bronze of well-known people, among them of the Greek Prime Minister Constantine Kanaris in the Maritime Museum, The Golden-key / medal, Municipality of Chios, Greece. One man shows ‘Zygos’ Gallery, Athens. The ‘Sixth Floor Gallery', London. Gallery ‘Gloria’, Nicosia. Gallery ‘D’ Eglantier’, Amsterdam. Adam’ Galleries, Athens. Main group and IV, VI and VII, International Sculpture Biennials, Scironio Museum, Greece.


International shows

XXIV International Drawing Prize, Juan Miró Museum, Barcelona. Contemporary Sculpture, B.D.H.X. (House of People’s Achievements), Moscow. 13th Pan-Hellenic Exhibition, Zappeion Expo Centre, Athens. Fine Art Summer Exhibition, Saint Martin’s Galleries, London. La Sculpture Contemporaine ’91, Maison de l Architecture, Paris. Sculpture at the river Vecht, Gallery Vromans, Maarssen, the Netherlands. Jahresausstellung ’92, Pavillion am Hofgarten, Coburg, Germany 10 Contemporary Sculptors, Gallery ‘K’, London 1st International Water Biennale, Bathmen - Overijsel, The Netherlands 30 European Enamellers, KunstHall ‘HOF 88’, Almelo, The Netherlands   III Email International, Ehrenburg Palace, Coburg / Bavaria, Germany  Sculpture-Enamel ’96, State Museum Rijswijk, The Hague Cultural Capital of Europe, White-Tower Gardens, Thessalonica World Festival of Art on Paper ’00, Ljubljana, Slovenia ‘Euro feu’,- l’Art de 31 Pays Européens, La Foire Internationale, Liège,  Belgium   Contemporary Sculpture, Apollo Hall, Bucharest, Romania Beelden-Buiten-Binnen Oud-Borne, Beeldenroute ’00, The Netherlands   4es Rencontres Internationales de l’Email, Morez / Le Sentier, France / Switzerland II Internationales Kunst Festival ’01, Magdeburg, Germany 18th International Biennale for Creative Design, Kortrijk, Belgium 6th International Biennale, Ville Marie, Québec, Canada Homage to Y. Pappas, Hellenic National Bank / Cultural Foundation, Athens 5th Triennale of Sculpture ‘Kunst op het Water’, Leuven, Belgium Cultural Olympiad /‘The Olympic Spirit’, Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Year-Travelling Expo in Museums Expo’03, Opening of the International Culture Park Westerpark, Amsterdam ‘Vitreous Enamel on Steel - New Sculpture’, The British Council, Athens Lectures ‘Sculpture + Colour’ Symposium ’91, Scironio Museum, Greece ‘Ancient Sculpture of an Island’, Saint Martin’s School of Art, London ‘Large Scale Enamelling’, The Netherlands’ Foundation of Enamellers.     

Yannis Koutsouradis has introduced to open-air sculpture a new perspective on  colour, together with the materials of porcelain-enamel on stainless steel, thus enriching,  in contradiction to ‘monochrome’ materials, our living environment.

He has written and translated texts about sculpture and periodically has given drawing courses; he is a member of European Art Federations.