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Copyright architecture, art and photos © 2000 The architects, the artists, Københavns Lufthavn. Photographer: Claus Løgstrup



1. Artist: Frans Widerberg, Norway (born 1934)
Dates from: 1998
Material: glass
Location: Pier West

In the long connecting corridor between Pier West and Terminal 2, Norwegian painter Frans Widerberg and Danish glass artist Per Steen Hebsgaard have created an equestrian statue of glass and a glass frieze divided into three sections facing the apron outside the building. The glass sculpture, made to scale, is the first of its kind in the world. The glass frieze, entitled Arcadia, shows flying people, horses and centaurs in beautiful colour combinations, underlined by the natural light which penetrates the south facade and creates reflections of the motifs in the polished marble floor.

2. Artist: Viggo Rivad (born 1922)
Dates from: September 1998
Material: black and white photostats
Location: railway station at Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup

Because of its unique architecture and the materials used, the Copenhagen Airport Kastrup railway station is unlike any other railway station in Denmark. To emphasise its elegant design, standard advertising boards have been replaced by artistic decoration. Black and white photos by the Danish photographer Viggo Rivad, based on a "human beings" theme, will be decorating the large, noise-dampening walls for the first two years of the station¹s existence. This unconventional solution underlines the architectural quality of the station and is understood by all, regardless of nationality.

3. Artist: Egon Fischer (born 1935)
Dates from: introduced in 1996
Material: aluminium
Location: changing locations throughout the airport transit area

"Looking for appreciation, not apologies!"
This was our starting point when Copenhagen Airports A/S was about to embark on a large-scale extension project which would involve large screen walls towards construction areas inside terminals. In connection with the renovation of a number of shops in Terminal 2 in 1996, when Copenhagen was Cultural City of Europe, we introduced art screens as substitutes for conventional " We apologise for any inconvenience" signs. Artist Egon
Fischer created 105 aluminium boards (100 x 125 cm) in bright colours and different patterns. The artist combines the boards in different ways whenever a new construction area is to be screened off. An infinite number of combinations is possible; hence the name: The Infinite Work of Art.

4. Artist: Jørn Larsen (born 1926)
Dates from: 1998
Materials: marble and granite
Location: Pier West

In the eastern rotunda of Pier West, Jørn Larsen has created a maze-like floor mosaic of black Swedish granite and white Italian marble. The rigid, almost mathematical shape of the floor mosaic, which has a diameter of 8.9 m, matches the architectural style of the space, while at the same time forming a contrast to the abstract, sensual world represented by Frans Widerberg's glass horse and window decoration in the adjacent part
of the building towards Terminal 2. Jørn Larsen describes his work as follows: "I have chosen the king and queen of colours ­ black and white ­ for polished surfaces in which you can see your own mirror image, my intention being to provide the artistic decoration with a flexibility that goes beyond the phenomena of movement inherent in the geometrical design."

5. Artist: Robert Jacobsen (1912-1993)
Dates from: 1993
(located at Copenhagen Airport since 1996)
Material: iron
Location: immediately to the east of Terminal 1

The iron sculpture entitled "Pegasus", made by Robert Jacobsen, is owned by the New Carlsberg Foundation. It spent its first years at Billund Airport, but in 1996 the Foundation decided to let Copenhagen Airport borrow the sculpture. It was placed in the forecourt at Terminal 1. Following the new layout of roads and forecourts in the northern area of the airport, the sculpture now has a central location to the east of Terminal 1 near the head
office of Copenhagen Airports A/S, where the distinct sculpture can be seen by road-users as well as by passengers going from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 inside the airport complex.


6. Artist: Hanne Varming (born 1939)
Dates from: August 1999
Material: bronze
Location: Terminal 3, balcony

Hanne Varming¹s sculpture "Girls at the Airport" gives the impression of two passengers who have stopped for a moment to enjoy the view ­ looking out into the high-ceilinged Terminal 3 full of travellers waiting to embark on their journeys. The artist found inspiration for the sculpture in Paris, where she saw two young girls leaning against a rail, waiting in the cheerful attitude recreated in the sculpture. A similar example of "integrated human art" is Hanne Varming¹s well-known sculpture in the Kultorvet square in central Copenhagen, of a natural-sized elderly couple in bronze sitting on a bronze bench which looks just like all the other benches in the square.


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