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Pierce Brosnan, actor



Profession Actor/Producer/Environmentalist

Born May 16, 1953 in County Meath, Ireland

Nationality Irish


Career Highlights

1975-81. Distinguished career on British stage and British television starring on stage in Tennessee Williams’ "The Red Devil Battery Sign" and earning a Golden Globe nomination for the BBC mini-series "Lady Astor".

1980. The Mirror Crack’d: Minor roles lead to an appearance in this film alongside Elizabeth Taylor.

The Long Good Friday: Appears as an IRA terrorist in this critically acclaimed film starring Bob Hoskins.

1981. The Manions of America. Takes the lead role of Rory Manion in this American TV mini-series.

1982. Remington Steele. Undertakes the high profile TV role of the sophisticated, charming detective Remington Steele, a major international success

1985. Nomads. Plays a French anthropologist haunted by evil spirits in this tale of the supernatural, the initial theatrical film by director John McTiernan.

1992. The Lawnmower Man. Plays Doctor Lawrence Angelo in the box office smash screen adaptation of Stephen King's novel.

Mr Johnson. Stars in the colonial African drama by Oscar-honoured director Bruce Beresford.

1993. Mrs Doubtfire. Plays the suave Stuart Dunmeyer alongside Robin Williams and Sally Field in this         Hollywood box office hit

1994. Love Affair. Further displays his comedic talents in the role of Ken Allen alongside Warren Beatty and     Annette Bening.

1995. GoldenEye. Debuts as 007 Secret Agent James Bond in the most successful Bond film ever, establishing Brosnan as one of the world’s leading men.

1996. The Mirror Has Two Faces. Plays alongside Barbara Streisand in a film she also directed.

Mars Attacks! Continues his comedy success with the role of Donald Kessler in Tim Burton’s project co-starring Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close and Martin Short.

1997. Dante's Peak. Takes the lead of Harry Dalton in this adventure drama centred around a volcanic disaster which sets box office records.

The Nephew. Undertakes featured role in this first film produced by Brosnan’s own company Irish Dream Time.

Tomorrow Never Dies. Returns as James Bond in the 18th movie in the Bond franchise, an action adventure which is a major box-office hit, his first two Bond films earning over billion dollars.

1997. Pierce Brosnan joins OMEGA’s family of Ambassadors to launch and support the new Dynamic range.

He introduces the new OMEGA Dynamic watch at the OMEGA Pavilion at the June 21st Goodwood Festival of Speed, the world's most prestigious historic motor sport event : an extravaganza of car and motorcycle races featuring legendary racedrivers... in a unique garden party atmosphere.

Irish Dream Time produces its first major studio project, The Thomas Crown Affair inspired by the 1968 film starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. The new film teams Brosnan with Rene Russo, with international release in the summer and fall of 1999.

Pierce Brosnan appears in the title role of Sir Attenborough's Grey Owl about an extraordinary Canadian Indian figure who helps launch environmental activism.

Brosnan is currently filming his third Bond film The World is Not Enough.

(Omega Public relations Department, 1999)



OMEGA, On Time to Save the World !

Later this year the world’s most famous secret agent makes his latest appearance in The World Is Not Enough. When the film hits the cinema screens across the world, James Bond will once again be joined by his trusted OMEGA Seamaster watch, itself making its third appearance with actor Pierce Brosnan.

In GoldenEye, it was the built-in laser in Bond’s OMEGA Seamaster that prevented a potentially fatal situation, while in Tomorrow Never Dies the watch with its hidden detonator once again was responsible for saving the day. The latest instalment - The World Is Not Enough - will be no exception and James Bond can rest assured that his latest OMEGA comes fully equipped with guaranteed style as well as life saving capabilities.

Appearing alongside Pierce Brosnan is Sophie Marceau (Braveheart), Denise Richards (Starship Troopers) and Oscar - winning actress Dame Judi Dench (Mrs Brown). All Bond films are famed for their villainous characters but this concept is stretched to new limits in The World Is Not Enough, where Robert Carlyle (The Full Monty) plays Renard, a villain with a bullet lodged in his brain which renders him impervious to pain, perfect for taking on 007.

The World Is Not Enough will be released in the US on 19th November and throughout the rest of the world from 25th November, when Bond can be seen once again wearing his OMEGA.

(Omega Public relations Department, 1999)



007’s OMEGA - It Does More Than Tell The Time

(P.R. information by Omega)

Ask any normal watch wearer what gadgets appear on their timepiece and they will probably show you the standard functional usage. But ask James Bond the same question and he will no doubt pull up his sleeve, show off his OMEGA Seamaster and reveal a lifesaving gadget in the form of a high tech grappling hook that comes complete with a powerful retraction system. Ask him if he has ever had to use it and he will describe a death defying scene in a nuclear test chamber from the latest 007 adventure The World Is Not Enough starring Pierce Brosnan with his OMEGA watch.

Trapped 30 feet below safety and fighting off the enemy, Bond relies on one of his trusted gadgets. He is forced to remove his OMEGA Seamaster watch, aim it upwards to the ceiling and fire the grappling hook to catch a secure position. The speed at which the hook and high tension wire shoots from the watch sends the OMEGA’s rotating bezel spinning wildly. Once secure, the bezel starts to rotate back in the opposite direction pulling James Bond up to safety.

The World Is Not Enough represents a third Bond appearance for OMEGA and follows on from roles in the last two adventures. The latest gadget-filled OMEGA continues a well-established tradition where ultimate style sits alongside life-saving function. In GoldenEye the watch was equipped with a built-in laser, while in Tomorrow Never Dies a hidden detonator is the non-standard extra.

Unfortunately, this special edition is reserved for Her Majesty’s favourite secret agent only, and will not be available on standard models. Keep your eyes peeled in the film, and you might just see the watch coming to the aid of our daring spy once again.

Rest assured gadget fans will not be disappointed with the latest OMEGA contribution when The World Is Not Enough is released in the US on 19th November and throughout the rest of the world from 25th November.

(Omega Public relations Department, 1999)



OMEGA Seamaster : Partner in Man's Greatest Ocean Adventures ! The Sports Watch Which...

... in 1932, was launched as the "Marine", OMEGA's first diver watch and predecessor of the current Seamaster.

... in 1939, was ordered, in a quantity of 100'000 water-resistant 30 mm models, by WWII's British Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy and the Army. Field Marshal Montgomery wore an OMEGA on his wrist.

... on November 4, 1981, set a world diving record without scuba when Frenchman Jacques Mayol dived to a depth of 101 meters off the island of Elba, Italy. This exploit inspired the 1988 film "The Big Blue".

... on July 25, 1988, set a new world record when worn by scientists on board the French submarine Nautilus, descending to a depth of 4'400 meters in the Atlantic ocean to lay down the first link in a system of observation of seismic movement on the ocean floor.

... from 1992 to 1995, recorded the exploits of the world's top sailors in the most prestigious international sailing regattas as official timekeeper of : the Grand Prix of Match Race Sailing, professional circuit for skippers and crews and training ground for the America's Cup; the Whitbread Round the World Race 1993-94; the B.O.C. Challenge 94/95; the Open UAP 1995; and the prestigious Nioulargue in Saint-Tropez.

... in 1995, as official watch of Team New Zealand, led by Sir Peter Blake, contributed to their brilliant victory in the 1995 America's Cup !

... in 1995, saves the life of James Bond ! In GoldenEye, the intrepid British secret agent 007 returns to the screen (after a six-year absence) in this 17th episode of his astounding adventures. Here again, the OMEGA Seamaster is demonstrated to be truly the watch of outstanding personalities, particularly at sea and in the oceans' depths.

... in 1996, could well have been invented by "Q" (Desmond Llewelyn), James Bond's confidant in the British Secret Service and the ingenious inventor of the extraordinary gadget-weapons that save agent 007's life !... 1997 is launched as the new Seamaster 200M W -matic, a technical marvel combining both quartz and mechanical features !

... and is back on the wrist of Pierce Brosnan, alias James Bond, to again save the life of the famous British secret agent in Tomorrow Never Dies, the 18th in this most famous screen adventure series.

…in 1998 is introduced as the new Seamaster 300m GMT with its innovative and elegant "black rubber" look, for those who, for leisure or business, spend most of their time circling the globe.

…in 1999 again comes to the rescue of James Bond in the thrilling new action film The World Is Not Enough.

(Omega Public relations Department, 1999)


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