Company annual reports illustrated by artists


The Annual Report
(excerpt from : " From SOGETI to CAP GEMINI / 1967 - 1997 A 30-year history ")

The group made another important decision in 1975 : to publish a complete Annual Report on its results, its organization and its activity, even though under no obligation - legal or otherwise - to do so. At once a communications tool and an instrument of group cohesion, a medium for the group's image and a sales support, this Annual Report very quickly set itself apart by its originality. This originality manifested itself, from page one, in the style of its " Letter from the Executive Chairman, " which systematically avoided jargon and platitudes in favor of a very direct analysis of the group situation (" I have a reputation as someone who listens a lot and says very little, " notes Serge Kampf, " so when I do talk, it might as well be to say something. "). It was also manifested in the fact that the entire text was written inhouse by members of the Executive Committee (Michel Jalabert and Michel Berty would be the autors most often put to the test), then reread and corrected, line by line and from beginning to end, by Serge Kampf himself. Dealing with a different theme each year, its continuing exploration of the world of information technology always caught the attention of the profession. Finally, the artwork, carefully selected each year by Kampf, was always striking and presented a departure from the usual stiffness of this sort of publication.*

Thanks to these qualities, the group twice received the prize for Best Annual Report awarded by the magazine La Vie Française - in 1985 for companies quoted on the the Secondary Market of the Paris Stock Exchange (La Bourse), in 1988, for companies quoted on the Regular Monthly Market - and, as a result, to be declared " out of competition " for succeeding years.


* This trend began with the 1977 Annual Report, with drawings by the well known illustrator, Sempé. In particular a " story without words, " spread over two cover pages, which some readers only " figured out " many years later.







Henry Cadiou,
Pierre Ducordeau,
Paolo Intini,
Nadine Le Prince,
Daniel Masson,
Jacques Poirier

Alain Daune Gallery
14, avenue Matignon - Paris


Max Agostini

Martin-Caille Gallery
75, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré - Paris


Pierre Courtois

Lacourière Frélaut Gallery
23, rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie - Paris

Claude Gaveau

Wally Findlay Gallery
2, Avenue Matignon - Paris





Yolande Ardissone

Wally Findlay Gallery
2, Avenue Matignon - Paris

Hasan Saygin

26 Gallery
26, place des Vosges - Paris



Jean-Pierre Rives
Andries Beeftink
Juan Ripollès
Anton Rooskens
Joost Sicking
Martine Antonie
M.L. Baugniet
Karel Appel
Paul de Lussanet

Cap Volmac Gallery Utrecht (excepted Jean-Pierre Rives)

Jeremy Barlow





Kojiro Akagi

Marcel Bernheim Gallery
18, Avenue Matignon - Paris

Jean-Marcel Barnay
Janine Delaporte
Pierre Ducordeau
Pierre Gilou
Janine Gouzy
Paolo Intini
Maurice Laroche
Marilyn Levine
Jean Malice
Charles Perron
Jacques Poirier
André Rancurel
Daniel Solnon
Jacqueline Vacher
Claude Yvel

Michèle Boulet Gallery
14, rue de la Boétie - Paris


Théodore Raysse

Clorinde Martin Gallery
77, rue Saint-Louis en l'iles - Paris


Antoine Tzapoff

Alain Blondel Gallery
4, rue Aubry-le-Boucher- Paris



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