FRANTI©EK JANÁK, Glass artist

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FRANTISEK JANAK, MASTER OF ART, honorable member of the Hungarian Glass Art Society.

1951                        Born in Havlickuv Brod, Czechoslovakia.

1961-67           Apprenticeship in glass cutting at the Bohemia Glassworks in Svetla n.S.

1967-71                     Studies at the Secondary School of Glassmaking in Kamenicky Senov.

1971-72                     Head master at the Bohemia Glassworks in Svetla n.S.

1972-75                     Glass cutter at the Co-op Vytvarna remesla Prague.

1975-81                     Studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague under prof. Stanislav Libensky.

1981-85                     Free-lance glass artist at the own studio in Dolni Mesto.

1985-88           Glass designer at the Institute of Interior and Fashion Design - UBOK Prague.

1989-93                     Free-lance glass artist at the own studio in Prague.

1993-95                     Glass designer at the LINEA-UBOK Prague.

1995-97           Visiting professor at the Toyama Institute of Glass Art in Toyama (TIGA), Japan.

1997-98                     Free-lance glass artist at the own studio in Prague.

1998-00           Professor at the Secondary School of Glassmaking in Kamenicky Senov.

2000-01           Visiting assistant professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA.

2001-03           Freelance artist.

since 03           Professor at the Secondary School of Glassmaking in Kamenicky Senov.



1981                           Rector prize at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague.

1982                           Urkunde Jugend gestaltet in Munich, Germany.

1985                           Special prize at the Second Coburger glass prize in Coburg, Germany.

1986                            First prize at the 4th Quadrennial in Erfurt, Germany.

1988           Diploma at the exhibition of WCC-Europe in Stuttgart, Germany.

1995           Pavel Hlava prize at the International Exhibition of Glass in Kanazawa, Japan.

2000                Honorable mention at the exhibition Millennium glass in Mostly Glass, USA.


Frantisek Janak also got several prizes for industrial design in the Czech Republic.


Group exhibitions - selection:

1982                             Jugend gestaltet, Munich, Germany.

1983                             Three centuries of the Czech glass, Tokyo, Sapporo, Kofu, Japan.

1984                             Czechoslovakian glass 84, Prague.

1985                             Second Coburger glass prize, Coburg, Germany.

1986                             Contemporary Czechoslovakian glass in architecture, London, Swansea, Bellingham, GB.                                                                            

1987                             Czechoslovakian glass sculpture, Brno, Czechoslovakia.

1988                             WCC-Europe, Stuttgart, Germany.

1989                             Czech glass, Paris, France.

1990                             New glass in Europe, Düsseldorf, Germany.

1991                             Konfigura I., Erfurt, Germany.

1992                             Festival of Czech and Japanese glass, Praha, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagano, Japan.

1993                             Czech crystal, Segovia, Spain.

1994                             10th triennial of cut and engraved glass, Brno, Czech Republic.

1995                             International exhibition of glass, Kanazawa, Japan.

1996                             Art salon ´96, Praha, Czech Republic.

1997                             World of glass, Hadeland, Norway.

1998                             Moser 1857-97, Karlovy Vary, Prague, Czech Republic.

1999                Contemporary Czech glass sculpture, Zdar n.S., Czech Republic.

1999                World exhibition of art glass, Steninge Slott, Marsta, Sveden.

2000                Workshop artists - Glass symposium  Frauenau, Galerie Eisch, Germany.

2000-01           Light Transfigured - Contemporary Czech Glass Sculpture, Takayama, Toyama, 

                        Hiroshima, Fukui, Tokyo, Japan.

2001                Glass Enchantment 2001, Baush & Lomb, Rochester NY, USA.

                        Sources: The North American Northeast, Bevier Gallery, Rochester NY, USA.

                        Stanislav Libensky and his school, Technicke museum, Prague.

2002                  Stanislav Libensky and his school, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Tai Wan.

                        Glass, Sculptures, Pictures, Glassicenter Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic.

                        International engraving symposium, Glass museum Kamenicky Senov, Czech


2003                  Libensky and his School, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, USA.

                         Randezvous, Glassicenter, Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic.

                       Leidenschaft Glasschnitt, Glass museum Rheinbach, Germany.              


One man exhibitions - selection:

1985                             Museum of Ales Hrdlicka, Humpolec, Czechoslovakia.

1989            Art gallery, Cheb, Czechoslovakia.

                         Gallery Gottschalk-Betz, Frankfurt, Germany.       

1991            Rogaland kunstner center, Stavanger, Norway.

1993                         Gallery "Malinuv dum", Havlickuv Brod, Czech Republic.

"Horacka" gallery, Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic.

1994                       Gallery "L",  Hamburg, Germany.

1996            Gallery "Nakama", Tokyo, Japan.

Gallery "U Mozarta", Prague, Czech Republic.

2000           Gallery of "Slovacke museum", Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic.

2001           Glass Museum Rheinbach, Germany.

2002           Kunst und Form Gallery, Arnbruck, Germany.

2003           Gallery "Galerie v kostele sv. Marka, Sobeslav, Czech Republic.                    


Public collections:

Museum of Applied Arts, Prague, Czech Republic.

Moravian gallery, Brno, Czech Republic.

Northern Bohemia museum, Liberec, Czech Republic.

Museum glass and costume jewellery in Jablonec n.N., Czech Republic.

Western Bohemia museum, Plzen, Czech Republic.

Eastern Bohemia museum, Pardubice, Czech Republic.

Silesian museum, Opava, Czech Republic.

Gallery "Vysocina", Jihlava, Czech Republic.

Art gallery, Cheb, Czech Republic.

"Horacka" gallery, Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic.

IGS  Crystalex collection, castle Lemberk, Czech Republic.

Slovakian national gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Glass museum, Ebeltoft, Denmark.

Ulster museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Finnish glass museum, Riihimäki, Finland.

Rippl Ronai museum Káposvár, Hungary.

Museum of modern art, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Collection of the city Toyama, Japan.

Koganezaki crystal park, Kamo-Mura, Japan.

Glass museum Tacoma, USA.

Glass museum Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic.

Curently  Frantisek Janak is also presented at the Czech National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic.


Commissioned works - selection:

1986                 Three stained glass windows, church in Svatoborice - Mistrin, Czech Republic.

1993                 Stained glass windows and mobile fountain, Agrobank Pardubice, Czech Republic.

1995                 Glass object  "Waterfall", hotel Orfeus, Podebrady, Czech Republic.

1996                  Glass object  "Messenger", Aubade hall, Toyama, Japan.  



Lectures and guest teaching - selection:

1988          Finnish Glass Museum Riihimäki, Finland.

1989          Rogaland Kunstnersenter Stavanger, Norway.

                   Pilchuck Summer Glass School Seattle, USA.

                   CCAC Oakland, USA.

                    SJSU San Jose, USA.

                    BCFA Bakersfield, USA.

1990           The University of Industrial Arts Helsinki, Finland.

1993                     The University of Industrial Arts Helsinki, Finland.

1994                       The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Wroclaw, Poland.

1995                       The Tama Art University Tama, Japan.

1996                       The Aichi University of Education Aichi, Japan.

1997            Utsatsuama Craft Center Kanazawa, Japan.

1998            The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Wroclaw, Poland.

                      The Academy of Applied Arts Prague, Czech Republic.

1999                         Glass Museum Rheinbach, Germany.

2000                        Staatlische Glasfachschule Rheinbach, Germany.

2000            Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA.

2001                       Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

                      GAS Conference Corning, USA.

2002            SUPSS Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic.

                      SUPSS Novy Bor, Czech Republic.

                      RIT Rochester NY,USA.

                      Sheridan College, Canada.

                      Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, USA.

                      Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburgh, USA.

                     Tacoma Glass Museum, USA.

                      The Academy of Applied Arts Prague.

                      CERFAV, Vannes-le-Chatel,  France.

2003            Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, USA.

                      Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburgh, USA.

                      Wheaton Village, Millville, USA.

Symposiums - selection:

1982            IGS Novy Bor, Czech Republic.

1986            Chamber symposium Amsterdam, Netherland.

1988            IGS Novy Bor, Czech Republic.

1991            IGS Novy Bor, Czech Republic.

1993            Inter glass symposium Bardudvarnok, Hungary.

1996            Inter glass symposium Niijima, Japan.

1997            Glass Net´97, Venetia, Italy.

                     International symposium of cut glass Moser Crystal Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.

1999            Inter glass symposium Tokod, Hungary.                     

2000            Inter glass symposium Frauenau, Germany.

2001            GAS conference Corning, USA.

2002            Young talents, CERFAV  Vannes le Chatel, France.

2003            Glass Weekend, Wheaton Village,  USA.



I am working with glass material since the age of 15, when I attended a school for the apprentices to learn cut glass. It was the school belonging to the Czech biggest producer of hand cut lead crystal - Bohemia Glassworks. This school was generating a future series production workers. After one year of experience I went to the Secondary School of Glassmaking in Kamenicky Senov, the oldest glass school in the world - founded 1856, attending the department for glass carving and cutting and I was also attending engraving lectures. There I was graduating in 1971. After one year of work at my "home" glassworks Bohemia as a head master, I moved to Prague and worked for 3 years as a series production glass cutter at the Co-op. In 1975 I was accepted for the studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague under the famous Czech artist professor Stanislav Libensky. Six years later I received my MA. I am making glass sculptures and commission works, but I also do series production design for the different Czech Glassworks. I also spent several years with teaching. Nowadays I am working in my own studio in Blazejovice.