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Copyright art and photos: František Janák


Project: Glass sculpture "Birds" (images 1, 2)

The piece is made from the sheets of the float glass thickness 8 mm. The bottom of the sculpture should be made from the mund desk of the polished green marble. Glass triangles should be organized into the fan like shape. Changes of the angles of each piece of glass are making dynamic space rhythms of the outlines and should give feeling of the flight. The idea is, that each point of view is giving another exciting impression. Float glass is slightly green so it will match together with plants and flowers around. Glass sheets given together create feeling of the sea depth. Birds on the top are partly cut, sandblasted and oolored in realistic colors. Their bodies, wings and feathers are projected through the sheets. It makes a space perspective impression. Sheets are glued together by UV glue.


Project: Glass sculpture "Wings" (image 3)

The concept is similar to the previous sculpture Birds. Wings are the symbol of the birds and flying.

These two sculptures have a geometric shape which should make interesting contrast to the mostly round "baroque" forms of the interior. But simultaneously they match with its dynamic, wave like, design. Spot lights should light up the edges and outlines of the glass and create a magic like feeling.


Project: Stained glass wall "Hawaii" (image 4)

The piece is made by the traditional technology using color stained glass and leading. The image presents the &quotisIand paradise" with blue sky, yellow beaches and green plants. For this piece it is necessary to have diffused back lighting. The image must be done in sections, which are mounted into the metal frame




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Copyright art and photos: František Janák


Photo 1: "Waterfall", 180x150x150 cm, hotel in the Czech Republic, glass glued together. Photo 2: "Messanger", 5m long glass and metal spiral piece 500-600 kg material, in the Aubade Hall Opera in Toyama city, Japan. Photo 3: Bank office 6 windows assembled colour glass pieces.