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Aggelika Korovessi-Kalantidi
A graduate of the Higher School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece.

Studied the archeological findings of protohumans in Petralona to create reconstuctions of prehistoric humans for the Anthropological Museum of Petralona - Chalkidiki. The results of this work were presented at the 1st Panhellenic Conference of Anthropology, where she received the specialist title of Anthropologist - Sculptress.

While teaching in State Secondary Education, she receives an award by the Organisation of Didactive Books (O.E.D.B.) for her written work in the book 'The teaching of Art'.

1988 Aggelika has been awarded and commisioned to produce pieces of work for public spaces:
- 'Communication' Municipality of Athens, Mesogeion Ave.
- The monument 'National Resistance', Prefect of Veotia, Karakolithos.
- The monument 'Unforgotten Countries', Prefect of New Moudania, Chalkidiki.
- 'Esidus', Prefect of Thebes, Askri.

1991 the Prefecture of Rome awarded her with the Nationale Premio 'Arte et sport' for her contribution to Art. She creates medals for international meetings including the 1982 Paneuropean Track Games, and the 1994 Meeting of the Member Countries of the EU in Corfu. During the same period she designs and produces industrial objects and sponsored awards for a variety of clients.

1975, Aggelika has been presenting her work through personal exhibitions and as a participant in many panhellenic and international exhibitions organised by private art galleries, the Greek Ministry of Culture, the National Gallery of Greece, the French Embassy, the Skyronian Museum, various municipalities and prefectures of Greece and the Unesco for the Dodecanese.

As a representative of Greece, Aggelika has exhibited her work at:
- 'Connecting worlds' sculpture exhibition organised by the European Union, Washington, USA 2001.
- National Book Show 'Greece the country in honor', Frankfurt,Germany 2001.
- The 4th Trienale of Sculpture, Paris,France 1994.