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Copyright art and photos © 2001-2002 Anja Vvedenskaia



Vvedenskaia Anja (Vvedenskaia Anna Olegovna) born 16 October 1962, Lvov, Galicie (ex USSR).






1. Lomonosov State University, Moscow, Russia; Degree in history, lecturer on history

2. Academy Fine Arts Maastricht, NL; monumental artist, art historian

3. Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles, Belgium; Post-academic program of research in practice and theory of arts


Latest exhibitions (selection):

Theatre of the City of Maastricht, NL 1996

Theatre of the City of Antwerp, Belgium 1996

Gallery Trace, Maastricht, NL 1997

LINEART International Art Fair 20th c., Gent, Belgium 1997

Theatre of the City of Antwerp, Belgium 1997

Theatre of the City of Tilburg, NL 1998

Drive-away Show SAAB, Heerlen, NL 1998

LINEART International Art Fair 20th c., Gent Belgium 1998

Grand Salon de Cannes, France 2000

Gallery Qvadrige, Nice, France 2000

Centre Culturelle Belgique-Chine, Bruxelles, Belgium 2000

Salon d’Automne, Paris, France 2000

Salon des Artistes Français, Paris 2000

Grand Prix des Distinctions Français & Etrangeres,

Saint-Raphaël France 2000

Grand Concours International,

Saint Raphael, France 2000

Salon GEBO-art , Draveil, France 2001

Les Victoires 2001, Saint-Tropez, France (Prix d’Honneur) 2001

Art Contemporain, Orangerie du Sénat, Paris, France 2001

XX-eme Salon d’Automne Internationale de Lunéville, France 2001


Exhibitions to come:

Galerie Appelschuur, Nuth (NL) 2002

Société Nationale des Beaux-arts, Caroussel du Louvre,Paris 2002


International Awards :

1. Grande Médaille d’Or, 1-er Prix, Salon de Cannes, France 2000

2. A.E.Galllia Prix – Femme Artiste (woman artist special price) – Salon des Artistes Français 2000

Fédération Nationale de la Culture Francaise:

1. Toile d ‘Or – Golden Canvas 2000

2. Grand Prix Talent Prometteur 2001

3. Grand Prix de la Révélation 2001

4. Victoire d’Honneur – Saint-Tropez 2001

5. Associated academician of Verbano, Academy 'Greci-Marino' of Arts, Letters and Science'  Italy, 2002.


Important activities:

1. Teaching art history - ( Maastricht University, Center for European Studies. (since 1993) Including lecturing on The Netherlandish art for professors of American Universities

2.Consulting on art programs for RL TV Bruxelles, Belgium

3.Workshops on modern art, including Japanese Foundation, Kyoto, Japan


Important publications:

International Encyclopedia of Modern & Contemporary Art 2001-2002 (Italy)

Russian Contemporary Artists 2000 (Jubilee Edition), ScunRus Publishing House



Univers des Arts, N 5, Novembre 2000, Paris

Côte Arts, N 6, Mai 2000

Le Guide de l’Art contemporain 2000, Provence, Alpes-Cote d’Azur, Corse 

Arts Croises N 16, 2000, France


What the critics have said:

(Free translations from the French)

"…Abstractions in transparent very refined colors evoke hidden subjective and sensual images…’ –

- Christian Germak, art critic Arts Gazette Interntional N 240, 2.10.2001


‘…Excellent movement, subtle and elegant harmonies – well-structured realization – the works in the Grand Prix are the best … the very personal style remains; a delicate manner, femininity and poetry in every sense!'

- Dominique Chapelle, graduate of the Ecole du Louvre, art critic, expert in modern art, President of the Fédération Nationale de la Culture Française – European Art Group, Saint-Raphaël, France, March 2001


‘… From Anja Vvedenskaya come these superb canvases … with the help of varied techniques, of combinations of lines and surfaces, a choice of colors in the tradition of abstract expressionism, the painter tries to bring out the essence: that other dimension in which is reflected a mystic, enigmatic vision which ties the visitor to his own image.'

- ‘Nice-Matin’, Sunday, 6 August 2000, France


‘ …’lyric-abstractions', which are not concerned with daily life. They are … a purely aesthetic search, an art of silence in which the spontaneity of what flows from the canvas is the result of a mental preparation.'

- Arts Croisés’, Nº 16 Septembre/Octobre 2000, France


‘…A.Vvedenskaya is one of the major actors in Europe’ –

- ‘Côte d’Art’, Nº 6 March 2000, France