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Copyright photos © Athina Strataki



Born in Sweden 1964 

Athina has been working as a photographer since the late eighties, specializing in advertising and editorial work.
Other works include books, international features, public and private decorations and several exhibitions, both in Sweden and abroad.
" I embrace the spontaneous, idea driven and unconventional process, working on location with whatever light there is".


2003: Created photographic artworks ("The Four Elements") for the head offices of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprises.

2002: Portrayed eight Swedish female writers in a "twisted poetical way" for a satiric book describing working women's condition in the world of advertising. 

2002: Portrayed, for the British "Life/The Observer Magazine", three Russian musicians who had performed Shostakovich�s Seventh Symphony during the siege of Leningrad in the Second World War.

2001: Made surrealistic photographs of the staff at Danderyd Hospital for a calendar ("The Calendar Forever � With the Glint In the Navel") that was produced originally for advertising that hospital; it became a public relations success for that institution and having attracted media attention both in Sweden and abroad and is now for sale in Swedish stores.

2001: Made reportage, for the British "Life/The Observer Magazine", about some characters in New York City who are passionate for the sport named "Brazilian Ju Jitsu".

1996: Portrayed and documented Dalai Lama during his visit in Stockholm.



2002: Center for Photography, Stockholm, "Seventh Heaven".

2001: Stockholm State museum, "The Ideal Body".

2000: The X Gallery, London, "An Invisible Reality � Timelessly Present".

2000: Image Gallery, �rhus, Denmark, " The Bulletin Board For The New Millennium".

1994: World Trade Center, Stockholm, "Origin".

1994: Image Gallery, �rhus, Denmark, "Europe Without Framework".

1991: Photo Fair, Gothenburg, Sweden, "Adam's searching for his apples".



Confederation of Swedish Enterprises, Stockholm

Danderyd Hospital, Stockholm

Swedish Federation of Advertisement, Stockholm