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Christina Kellidi was born in Sophia, Bulgaria. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sophia, under Pr. Marin Varbanov and Viadmir Ovtsarov (1980 - 1985). From 1985 to 1989 she works as a designer in the Center of Development and Application of Fashion Design "Rilla". in Sophia. From 1989 to 1991 she works as a chief editor for the fashion magazine "Lada". Since 1991 she lives and works in Athens, Greece.



1992  "Astra" Gallery, Athens.

1995  "Gallery Zakinthos".

1995  Organization of the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.

1996  Gallery "Titanium", Athens

1996  Gallery "Maria Platania", Zakinthos



1986  National Exhibition of young painters, Sophia.

1987  "Design" exhibition, Poland.

1988  "Design" exhibition, Cultural Center of the Bulgarian Embassy, Poland.

1989  Exhibition of Bulgarian Design, Germany, Spain.

1989  UNESCO Exhibition of Bulgarian painters, France.

1990  International Exhibition of Design, Morocco.

1993-1994 "Titanium" Gallery, Greece.

1995  "Zakinthos" Gallery, Greece.

2000  Bulgarian Embassy, Athens, Greece

2000  Gallery "Zervas", Patra, Greece

2000  "Art Rion" Group exhibitions of artists from the Balkans

2000 Ygeia Hospital, Athens, Greece

2001 La balade de Séprais, Canton du Jura, Suisse

2002 Gazi, Athens, Greece

2002 Anniversaire des 25 ans de la Galerie Au Virage, Séprais, Canton du Jura, Suisse