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Diem is Dimitris G. Maniatis

The initials are D and M, say these two letters as one word and its Di-eM, Diem in Latin means is light and light is photography.

I am a photographer so I thought it is very appropriate to play with these letters and meanings.

I was born in 1974 in Athens to a photographer Father and a multi artist Mother...

I have been enjoying the great fortune of good travels since childhood and had a keen eye since birth.

At the age of 18 I started working as a professional in the field, assisting other photographers in every sector of the industry and doing camera work for television and cinema.

On completing my studies I opened my own studio and concentrated on advertising, portraiture and fashion. On the Cinema front I was already directing photography.

My hometown is Athens, but due to my wanderlust I've seen many places, had many interesting experiences and even relocated several times around the globe

All of the above have molded me and lead me to where I stand today and all this is what I endeavor to bring out in my work:
Ingenuity, Professionalism, advanced techniques and the positive attitude that is needed in today's market to get every job done well and with a smile on everyone's faces...

Dimitris Maniatis aka Diem