ERIKA HÖGLUND, glass artist


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Born in 1971, Erika Höglund was raised in a family of artists in Småland, Sweden. Both her father, Erik Höglund, and her mother, Monica Backström, are well known glass artists. So, perhaps it was only a matter of time before Erika started expressing herself through crystal.

Erika has attended at Parsons Institute in New York, an art school which has influenced and inspired her a great deal. After her studies, Höglund went to Mexico and Guatemala, where she decided to settle down for a while as a local.

Her experience there was a fruitful one. It enabled her to eventually bring back to Sweden a broader understanding in culture, the arts and life in general.

Despite the rich knowledge she gained through her travels, the impressions she received during her stay abroad were not the inspiration behind her first collection. Instead, her source was old, Swedish mythology, "huldran".