EVA DIVARI, artist

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She was born in Athens, where she lives and works.
She studied at the Doxiadis School of Art under professors such as the painters P.Zoumboulakis and D. Mytaras, the engravers T. Katsoulidis and P. Gravalos, and the sculptors G.Parmakelis and Georgiadis. She worked as a graphic and layout artist and
illustrated many books and other printed works. She spent ten years traveling on commercial ships allover the world enriching
her knowledge and her gaze while continuing to paint. Her works will be found in many collections in Greece and abroad. Most of these paintings are in public and private collections.


1994 Palaion Faliron Art Gallery
1996 "Democritus" Art Gallery
1997 "Holiday", Eretria
1998 "Kyklos" Art Gallery, Cyprus
1999 " Apocalypse/' Art Gallery I Cyprus
2001 '/Epistrofi" Art Gallery, Athens
2001 Marine Club, Pireus
2001 "P.O.I.A.TH/' , Mikrolimano
2002 "Selini" Art Gallery, Kifisia


1995 "Anemos'l Art Gallery, Kifisia
1997 Cultural Center of the Thessaloniki Prefecture
1999 'Apocalypse" Art Gallery, Cyprus
1999 'Arilithos" Art Gallery, Crete
2000 I Apocalypse" Art Gallery, Cyprus

The rust is dripping
becoming blood.
Carmine and vermilion and thick varnish.
Rot and paint like a palette.
Oil on the ground mirroring the sun
and the sky.
Clouds moving in it,
the shape changes.
The oil became a pool on the iron-plate
and the rust, the plastic points,
together with the clouds
that are traveling in the transparent mirror.
Huge bolts and large forms
given by the sculptor to hungry eyes
and time and mature came,
with their own paint-brush, to exhibit,
like great artists,
great monuments here,
in the shipyard of Skaramangas.
Divine colors originating from the dark.
Stifling breaths released,
remnants of hard efforts.
Proud and modest,
without a soul but with shape.
Works of art without destination.
In the bowels of the vessel,
double-bottom cut;
seems like lave from a volcano,
thick and hardened.
Shadows and forms and splices,
elaborated through time
and chiseled with untold effort.
They move in the colors of earth and fire,
they wear out from the liquid element
and they spill-out screaming on the canvas.
Iron birds, starting from the tanks and ready to fly.
They leave garbage and stench.
Dirty, dripping fluids and thick spots.
Around them the technicians like ants.
The engines like a beehive buzzing.
The rust is charting the landscape!
And me, I find all this magical.
I dip my brush into the natural paint
and a spread the shipyard on the canvas.

Eva Divari