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George Xenoulis Was born in Athens, Greece in 1944. He graduated there ond soon after that he left for Africa. 
He returned to Greece in 1990 ond he has lived and worked here since then.

He drew his first in sculpture from the art of the aborigines living in central Africa (Kinsangani). 
There, he was impressed by their primitive laboratories which were situated in the middle of the jungle and where 
they worked without any equipment, creating amazing works of art and micro sculpture made of ivory, ebony and malachite.

Afterwards, George Xenoulis moved to Pretoria in South Africa, where he studied culpture, while he was becoming an 
expert at using plaster, clay and hniques. Since then, he has systematically dealt with the art of presenting subjects 
inspired through annient Greek mythology, nature and the sea.

On the island of Poros, he has recently created a big, public sculpture called "Mermaid", situated on a fountain, 
which represents the whole synthesis of the area. George Xenoulis's 'Mermaid" is located in the central port of the island
has been positively commented on by experts. This has perfected the public's great satisfaction.

George Xenoulis is a member of the Greek Chamber of Arts. the Panhellenic Company of Speech and Art (PELT) and the Company 
of Learning and Arts in Piraeus.

Some of his works are in private and public Institutions, banks and schools well as famous Collections of works of modern 

The artist has participated in a lot of team exhibitions with his works, whereas he heald a lot of personal exhibitions, 
both in Greece and abroad.



1992: Caravel, Athens
1992: Macedonia Palace, Thessaloniki
1994: Ledra Mariot, Athens
1995: Caravel, Athens
1996: Holliday Inn, Athens
1998: Intercondinental, Athens
1999: Cultural Center, Costis Palamas, University of Athens
1999: Hatzopoulion, Poros


1996: Saudi Arabia, Riad
1997: Participation group work exhibition "Chroma-Logos-Morfi"
1997: Zappion, Panipirotiki
1998: "Winter '98", Kaisariani
1998: "Autumn '98", Spiti Kyprou, Athens
1999: "Spring '98", Marousi
1999: "Eleftheria", Ikaria
1998: "22th Exhibition", Theatre Piraeus
1999: "Olive tree in the past and the future", Andros
1999: Eleftheria Park, Athens
2000: "Gidde", Egli, Zappion