GUY LARTIGUE, sculpteur

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Fountain sculptures, water modeling and luminous fountains

Our fountains are signed original works of art (small formats are numbered and edition is limited to eight copies). We have thirty five years of practice and experience, plus 80 monumental works (public squares, large complexes and shopping centers). On request, we can send you a list of sites with photos. We are willing to study your programs in the form of watercolors , plans or three-dimension scale models (often in water for better understanding). We create our works of art in our workshops, we assure transport, sealing, coordination and adjustment for a net contractual price which cannot be revised. For the water art object, we will send you a maintenance booklet and will supply guarantees. The material used is granite, marble, non frost-rive limestone, bronze, brass, copper and steel. No ferrous metals are used. We create our own nozzles (registered trade mark), uprights, iron cramps and jets of water. We have a presentation gallery in the center of Paris, France where we display presently twelve works available for sale. We would be glad if you could visit us rather than request photo documents, as we can allow you to experience the murmur of our fountains.