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Painter, born in Stockholm, Sweden, 1943



Konstfack University of Art, Craft and Design Stockholm, Sweden, 1965-69

Kyoto City College of Fine Arts, Kyoto, Japan 1966-67



Erik and lore Ahlsén Architect office 1969-72

Ahlsén group, architects and artists 1972-86

Ahlsén and Lindström, artists and architects I 988-96

Own practice since 1997



Drawing up programms for creation of environments as well as monumental wall paintings and product design. The main item for the design practice is based on the idea that artists and architects work closely together throughout the whole design process.

An environment should not only be attractive, but should also express architectonic, artistic and social concepts. A building should mirror an organization's philosophy and objectives, translating its culture into a visual design language. Pictures and sculptures should beoome an integral part of the total creation, giving a building or envivironment a symbolic value and identity.



Sävja church, Uppsala

Mölndal Hospital, Gothenburg

Gnosjö Municipality. Gnosjö

Stadshypotek. Gavle

Piren Properties, Stockholm

AP-Properties, Stockholm

Community Centre, Trollhättan

Duro, Gävle

Perstorp industries, Perstorp

Förenade Liv, Stockholm

Trygg-Hansa, Stockholm

Brogatan Properties, Stockholm

Fastighetsverket, Stockholm

Sockerbolaget, Malmö

The City of Stockholm

H.A.O. Stockholm

The City of Solna, Solna

Solna Habitatations Solna

SAS Institute, Solna


Product design

Wall paper, laminate, furniture and lighting