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Please click on the photos to view them in bigger size. Copyright art and photos © 2002 Harry Lambert. Photos by Panos Vardopoulos




1955 Greek Nationality

1972 W.M. College in London University, London

1974 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliques et des Métiers d' Art, Paris

1977 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris (Louis Nallard)

1979 Diploma with Top Hornors of Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris, France

Scholarships from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, and French Artist Association



1979-82 Salon de Réalités Nouvelles, Paris

Gallery Jacob, Paris

1979 Gallery Beaux-Arts, Paris

1981 Exposition by French Artist Association, Paris

1982 Gallery Mukal, Tokyo

1983 Gallery Zoumboulakis, Athens Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge France Gallery Diagonal, Paris

1984 Gallery Zoumboulakis, Athens

1985 Gallery Face, Tokyo Gallery Stance, Yonago, Japan

1987 Gallery Face, Tokyo

1988 Gallery Parco, Sapporo, Japan

Gallery Asacloth, Tokyo

1989 Studio 5, Tokyo

Gallery Asacloth, Tokyo

1990 Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo

Ohkurayama Memorial Hall, Yokohama, Japan

1991 Gallery Asacloth, Tokyo

1992 "Twelve Greeks" by the Greek Ministry of Culture, Madrid, Spain

1993 Gallery DIASPRO, Nicosia, Cyprus

NICAF (International Contemporary Art Fair, Japan) Yokohama, Japan

1995 Gallery Zoumboulakis, Athens

1996 Palazzo Delle Exposidoni, Group exposition, Rome by the Greek

1997 Geman Church, Athens

Gallery Zoumboulakis, Athens Group exposition, Larissa

1998 Gallery Papaspyrou, Livadia

12 artists for SANTE PAPASTRATOS, Gallery Zoumboulakis

1999 Ballantines Art Collection group exhibition, British Embassy, Athens

Gallery Zoumboulakis

Image painting for Hewlett Packard



1984-85 Produced Music promotion videos for French National Broadcasting A2 as artist and art director

1985 Painting performance at Japan Broadcasting, NHK

1986 Art director of the event show for ((Foundation of saving Earth)

Art direction, computer graphic and painting performance in Japan Audio Fair, Tokyo

Painting performance at the International Art Bienale in Okayama, Japan

Art direct and produce of title opening video for FUJI TV Broadcasting, Japan

1987 Image season Posters and interior decoration for Seibu Department stores, Tokyo

Image Posters for PARCO, Tokyo

Painting performance for NISSAN AUTO'S Gallery, Tokyo

1988 Director of music promotion video for CBS SONY

Visual producer and director for the event and image videos of SHISEIDO TRENY

Image Artist for SEKISUI HOUSE TV Cominercial

Image Poster for PARCO Yuming, X' mas concert

Image Paintings and X' mas decoration for SEIBU Department store.

1989 Image Paintings for LA GEAR Image Painting for NATIONAL PANASONIC Painting performance, Toyonaka, Osa

Produced High - Definition Digital Vision Music Promodon Video for VICTOR JVC

Produced YAMAHA Promotion Video Laser Disk for U.S.A and Japan

1990 Window display for Seibu Department store

Image poster for Ohkurayama Aegean Festival Image Painting for Surplus

Image Painting for MFG Image Poster for KYOSERA CAMERA

1991 Lecture on New Renaissance for ("Trendsetter Seminar" ONWARD LIFEDESIGN NETWORK

Panel discussion for HI-VISION FURUM '91. NHK

Image Painting for "International Design Exhibition '91" for SUNTORY Design Farm

1992 Four season Image Paintings for WING

Produced and directed High-Definition Video film "The Capture of Persephone"

1994 Architect & Interior design for "IOANNIS" Hair Salon, Greece

1995 Cover painting for "METRO" magazinel Greece

1996-1997 Image paintings & Art directioon for MARAMENOS & PATERAS Jewelry Ware, Greece

1996 Lecture on New Renaissance at Athens University, Greece

1997 Creative direction for Action Advertising company, Greece Image painting for SUMITOMO DENKO (Nikei Communication)

1999 Creative direction for BINGO TV commercial TRIPLO and package design for TRIPLO CHOCOLATE

Cover painting for "METRO" magazine, Greece