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Born in 1952 in Denmark. University degree in literary history and geology. Employed as a geologist with oil exploration. Autodidact painter. Instructed by the painter Erik Nervil and the painter Ulrik Hoff. Travelled in Europe and USA. Paints mainly acrylic on paper and canvas. Abstract and expressionistic



Dansk Operatørselskab I/S 1990

Portconsult 1991

Dansk Olie og Naturgas A/S 1992

Galleri D.c. Bang, Holte 1992

Galleri Billedkunst, København 1992

Denerco K/S 1993

Technical University of Denmark, Department of Naval Architects and Offshore Engineering, 1993 + 1994

Cowi 1994

Cerestar Scandinavia A/S 1995

Statoil E&P 1995

Dansk Operatørselskab I/S 1996

Galleri Lisse Bruun 1996

A & E Petersen, 1997

Galleri Goya, Amaliegade, København, 1997

Galleri Die Werkstatt, Stockholmsgade, København 1993 + 1997

Zahles Seminarium, 1997

dk-Teknik, Søborg, 1997

Vandkvalitetsinstituttet, 1998



Behind the surface we vaguely see a hope when reality pass the dream. A picture burns and is experienced as the world was before things had a name the picture shows the pain a return and submersion in the layers we have left behind - and at the same time the pictures are a promise of relief an insisting on closeness and confidence the pictures of the dream have a light of warmth and intensity. The painting is at the same time able to be an outline and an entity. We break the structures and let spontaneity have expression in arranged pictures violently, but though still neatly inside the frame. Between the look and the embrace we create our pictures while we live and speak. Attempt to love. Trust on the art of the conceivable. The light of the beach and the movements of the water. In an attempt to catch the waves in the sand.