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Kyriacos Lazarides was born in Louvain, Belgium in 1957. He lived and studied in Greece. He is a graduate of Athens College. He studied painting next to the artist Andonis Theodoridis (student of the unforgettable Spyros Papaloukas and of Mr. Yiannis Tsarouchis) and next to Spyros Kalogirou, Kostas Plakotaris, Kostas Malamos and Joanna Mitsea - Malamou. In 1980 he finished Deree College and obtained B.B.A. with double majors in Marketing Management and Sales Promotion and Advertising whereby he was a tutor in the subject for three years.

From 1980 and for the ten following years he studied painting in Paris and in Brussels at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels with the art professor Jean-Paul De Moor. He attended Holography courses at Goldsmith College in London and Lay-out lessons and printing techniques at C.A.D. in Brussels. During the 90's he concentrated on traditional Greek paintings, Ancient Greece, Hellenistic Period, Fayoum portraits, Pompay, Orthodox Byzantine Iconography, Folk art, shadow theatre shows next to artists such as Konstantinos Xynopoulos (student of Fotis Kondoglou), Sergio Sergiadis (Frescoes), Dimitris Hatziapostolou at his icon atelier, "Zografion Ikonon" and Father Stamatis Skliris. Recently he worked at the engraving studio of the Holy Monastery Simonos Petras at Mount Athos, as well as at the studio of Marcos Kampanis, for the exhibition "Mount Athos Treasures" as part of the Thessaloniki's European Cultural Capital events of 1997.

For two years 1996-98 he was engaged as an art teacher at the public elementary and primary school of Varkiza. Since 1997 he works as a tutor in Byzantine Iconography at the Hellenic Education private school. The works from the exhibition "Praxis - Athletes" "...the constant struggle of man for his survival..." will be exhibited firstly at the "Greek Cultural Center" St John's Theologos in Stockholm (Sweden) and in Brussels (Belgium) at the Art Gallery "MANAT".