LARS WALLIN, Fashion Designer

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Simply Artfashion

To describe Lars Wallin, the designer and the man, is a difficult task. He seems to attain a level of excellence in everything he attempts. As couturier, he is very creative and functions like an artist.

Lars Wallin made his breakthrough in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1990 and made instant success for the elegance, glamour and exquisite tailoring in his creations.

Today he embellishes the world with his haute couture including bridal, adding his ready-to-wear and men’s collection. He creates eveningwear of high international class with natural elegance and personality. His designs are modern, sophisticated and classic at the same time.



– The Miss Sweden and the Miss Universe Contests, where he designed the evening gowns.

– The Miss World Contest, where Lars Wallin 1997 was awarded “Best evening gown”.

– The Eurovision Song Contest, where his design has been highly praised.

– Vanna White, Roxette, Vendela Kirsebom, Lena Olin, Anita Ekberg and

Isabella Scorupco wear Lars Wallin designs.



Lars Wallin stands for the reinterpretation and triumphant restoration of haute couture, enabling requirements of a new clientele. His creations return to the values of made-to-measure and to a more personalized form of design.



They combine ready-to-wear with made-to-measure, demonstrating that the two disciplines are perfectly capable of living in harmony within the organisation and of addressing different occasions in the same woman’s life.

Wallin’s creations are timeless classics, less dependent on vagaries of taste. He creates evening dresses that fit the body without excessive elaboration or dissimulation, employing a flowing line. Yet, this apparent simplicity conceals a lengthy preparation process.



My challenge is to create very feminine clothing with a modern feeling. My vision is to work with wide contrasts both in design and fabrics and still reach a great sense of harmony in the end. I design for very self-confident women who love to be looked at and therefore choose very expressive clothes. My fashion does not fit a clich".

"I always say, that clothing is neither art nor fashion. The result is fashion but when I’m working on it, it's like art. I refine each detail to perfection and play with the fabrics. Nothing should appear exaggerated.

I call it art-fashion.






"Lars Wallin's work is an ironic assault on the haute couture circus but at the same time a manifesto to follow it's traditions." David Lind


Lars Wallin is a fashion designer, based in Stockholm, the Swedish capital. His already elaborated style is easily recognized by its distinct shapes, sculpted from the female body. But if the clothes sometimes feel like haute couture, it is only as a flirt with past traditions.

Lars Wallin is always living in the present - mentally, physically and emotionally - visualizing his ideas in the clothes. Knowing about his great fascination for New York, one cannot help associating his sharp, but not aggressive, cutting to skyscrapers, or other urban graphics. The clever choice of fabrics - traditional material mixed with plastic, rubber or metal thread - also creates an urban atmosphere, suited for nightclubs and other unorthodox, but sophisticated, places. As do the color palette, where the rainbow kisses the hologram; a union between the streetsmart and the sublime. It holds a special place in the heart of the designer, who thinks inks colors have a positive influence on the mind "in a world already so darkened".

The clothes of Lars Wallin illustrate what Coco Channel once said: "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion has to do with ideas, with the way we live, with what is happening. "And Lars Wallin is definitely "'with it". Most of all it shows in the way he pictures women: "Too me, modern women means strength. There is nothing wrong in empowering the female body."

Maria Österberg Ben Saad