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Luis Deza was born in Amazonas, Perú, 1953.
Studies in Academia de Arte E.R.B.A. in Iquitos, Perú. Art's studies in Paris and Stockholm.
Individual expositions :
Gallery San Martin, San Luis, Argentina 1977
Gallery Cuture House, Chiclayo, Perú 1977
Gallery Villa Mercedes, San Luis, Argentina 1978
Gallery Knopa, Cuzco, Perú 1983
Gallery Rocade, Stockholm, Sweden 1987
Gallery Donet, Stockholm, Sweden 1990
Gallery Strägnäs, Sweden 1991
Gallery Com, Stockholm, Sweden 1991
Gallery Leif Söderström, Stockholm, Sweden 1991
Gallery Joker, Norrtälje, Sweden 1993
Gallery Vilunda, Stockholm, Sweden 1996
Swedish Art Gallery, Malmö, Sweden 1997
Modern Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 1997
First Biennial Art Museum, Lima, Perú 1985
First Biennial Modern Museum, Kiev, Ukraine 1996