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Born in Suffolk, England.

Studied Ipswich School of Art, a broad range or disciplines with specialization in sculpture and painting. Four year study of history of art.

Apprenticeships in well known studios of ceramics in Paris.

Studied silk screen processes at St. Martin's School of Art, London.

Intensive sculptural research, using porcelain and metals, and in latest casting methods at the Museum School of Fine Arts, Houston, U.S.A.

Co-operation with Mes Gallery, Houston.

Her work has covered extremely wide fields of materials and processes, including lino-cutting, silk screen printing, design for fabrics, industrial ceramic application, and furniture, research in sculptural form and combination of materials in ceramics, stone, wood, bronze, aluminum, silver, resins, and fibber glass.

1962. Year's scholarship in Greece.

1964. With sculptor Thanos Tzovarithis, life divided between studios in a remote region of Chalchidiki and Thessaloniki with art as sole occupation.

Her work has been shown in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad. It is on permanent exhibition in the gallery 'Visual Concepts' Thessaloniki and belongs to public and very many private collections.

Is an establishing member of the Arts Society of Northern Greece.