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Please click on the image to view it in bigger size. Copyright art and photos © 2002-2005 Nikos-Yorgos Papoutsidis




Nikos Yorgos Papoutsidis lives and works in Athens, Greece.
He studied Environmental Architecture and Art at Bournemouth College of Art and Technology in England.
He was a certified member of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers in England where he was awarded the Minerva Award.
He invented the "irongraph" a kind of art where painting and sculpture form a unique artwork on an iron plate.
He has designed types of letters and compositions with words and he has written Visual Poetry.
He created the Poem - Object, a kind of art where the Image and the Word become intercomplementary.
He has designed medals, prizes, jewelry, record covers, posters and outdoor banners. Fashion designers have used symbols and designs from his themes as motifs for their fabric designs.
He publishes short stories from time to time in magazines and newspapers.
His sculptures are permanently exhibited at the Athens Town Hall, at the Intellectual Center of the Municipality of Athens, at the Technopolis in Gazi and in private collections in Greece and abroad.
He has done work for the Athens Concert Hall and for the "Eleftherios Venizelos" Athens International Airport.

1992 La Hune Brenner Gallery, Paris.
1993 Titanium Gallery, Athens. "Poetry of the Object".
1995 La Hune Brenner Gallery, Paris.
1996 Titanium Gallery, Athens. "They have come".
1997 Adam Gallery, Athens. "Sculpture - Objects of Art".
1998 Skoufa Gallery, Athens. "Iron Garden with single eyes".
1999 Technopolis Gazi, Athens. "Trip with the Arc".
2000 Kivotos, Athens. "Iron bas reliefs".
2002 "Melina" Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens. "Hail, praise to the athlete".
2003 Adam Gallery, Athens. "Hail City - Sculptures to scale".
2005. Municipality of Paleon Faliron, Heroes' square, Paleon Faliron. "Sculptures on a violet horizon".

1995 Maya Tsokli Gallery in Athens. Sculpture construction "Bridal Chambers".
1997 Odysseus Elytis, Art Halls, Athens. "Painting to the Poetry of Odysseus Elytis".
1997 Pierides Museum of Art. "Levi's Art".
1997 "Melina" Cultural Centre, Athens. "Slamp Art".
1999 Benaki Museum, Athens. :Art Quake".
1999 Ekphrassi Gallery, Athens. "Flowers to welcome 2000".
2000 Kivotos, Athens. "Nature".
2000 Kastella Art Centre, Piraeus. "Bleu Outremer".
2002 Athinais – Hydrotechnon, Athens. "Progress".
2005 Adam Gallery, Athens. "The toy".

Artistic decoration of outdoor public places for cultural events.
1996 December. Christmas installations at Akademias Avenue.
1997 April. Decoration of Syntagma [Constitution] Square with symbols and banners.
1997 May. Book Festival at the Pedio Areos [Field of Mars].
1998 April. Large banner for Athenian Carnival at Syntagma Square.

1984 "The featherbearer". Poetry illustrated by Yannis T sarouchis, Ikaros editions, Athens.
1987 "Inarticullating a opope". Visual poetry in 24 unbound single sheets, Ikaros Editions, Athens.
1989 "The Poem - Obiect". Letters, words, poems. Voukariane Art Editions, Athens.
1991 "The Caryatides look". Nikos Yorgos Papoutsidis' photographs documenting Yannis Tsarouchis last stenographic work, Adam editions, Athens,
1994 "The magic Exercise Book and its Pictures". Poetry illustrated by Yannis Tsarouchis, Patakis Editions, Athens.
1999 "Nikos Yorgos Papoutsidis" Album of photographs of works created in the period 1990 - 1999, Nereus Editions, Athens.
2002 "Hail, praise to the athlete". Published by the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens.