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Born Norway 1960. 


Pia Myrvold started her career as a painter, and did from 1981 to 1985 enter the important group exhibitions in Norway with her paintings, that established her as one of Norway’s most promising young artists and the youngest member of the Norwegian Artist Organization.

She began working during this time with interdisciplinary arts, and developed projects with video, performance, urban planning, interior architecture and costume and fashion, alongside her career as a painter.

In 1985 she won a competition for outdoor installation at the Nordic Textile Triennale, with giant textile figures suspended from trees and architecture in the Gallery F15 park.

In 1985 she initiated and curated the Sola International Art Festival, at Sola Beach, Norway with artist and partner for many years, Randy Naylor.

The following years she had many solo shows in Art Galleries, in Bergen, Olso, Drammen , Stavanger Kunstforening, and continued developing projects with fashion as wearable art,  performance and video installation and designs of restaurants, night clubs and  offices in Stavanger and Oslo.

In 1989 she initiated and curated the exhibition “Enter This way” in Rome, with artist Randy Naylor and with the support of the Norwegian Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In 1991 she recieved a scholarship to work in Paris, Cite International des Artist and Ingrid Lindback lLngaards Stifteles, that resulted in a commission by architect Bernard Tschumi, the architect of Parc de la Villette, Paris.

In 1992 she designed, produced the 500 meter long textile installation project “Urban Upwind” in Parc de la Villete, with artist Randy Naylor and the support of the French Culture Ministry and Norwegian Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The year after she made a collection of deconstructed clothes that she presented to a few avant garde boutiques in Paris. She was at once bought by Major boutiques in Paris, New York and Japan and had in 1994 an exhibition in Charivar, New York with her first collection.

She was then invited by the Syndicat for French Fashion designers to show on the Official Calendar fall 1994, and has since shown regularly on this calendar, two collections a year until 1999.

In 1995 she presented her first multimedia presentation for the collection “Interfaces” in Divan du Monde, in Paris, with her own music, choreography, video and camera installation and direct transmission over internet.

The following year she developed concept “Clothes as Publishing”, where she invited artist and architects like Jean Nouvel, Bernard Tschumi, Dimitri from Paris, Norbert Hillaire and Jaques Denarnaud  to publish their work and images on the clothes. She took out a domain name on the web.

In 1997 she collaborated with composer Rolf Wallin and Notam to make the first Interactive collection, called “Dada Memory”, where models pressed buttons on clothes to activate sound and image loops, thus using the clothes as architectural interfaces.

In 1998 she made a video installation “Post Machine, where models were projected directly on the walls in the gallery, instead of the traditional catwalk.

At the Web Bar, Paris 1999, she launched the first interactive design studio at her website, with a project called “Dream Sequences” celebrating the Millennium.

In 2000 she was the official exhibitor in Bergen Cultural Capital 2000, with a large solo show in The West coats Museum of Applied Arts and design, with performances in collaboration with Carte Blanche Dance Company. . Queen Sonja of Norway opened version 2 of her web site with the new interactive design studio.

Later that year she had performances and shows with this project in Helsinki and Iceland, as well as an exhibition during Paris Haute Couture week in July, where composer Steve Lacy and singer Irene Aebe inaugurated the exhibition.

January 2001 she presented a major video installation “Interference” in Henie Onstad Art Center, Oslo in the group show “Kunst gjennom naaloyet”.

February she showed on her web site with a multimedia fashion show in New York Mercedes  Benz Fashion week in the tents at Bryant Park.

The same month she took part in the group show “Contemporary Design” at Sotheby’s in London.


Pia moved to New York in the fall, and started a collaboration for her web site with industrial designer Karim Rashid. The project was delayed because of the terrorism attacks, and lost funding, but was presented in New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in September 2002, in Fellisimo Design House. This was the 3rd version of the interactive design studio, with all garments designed in digital files and sent to printers and producers over Internet.

Pia Myrvold had a daughter Isa, March 2003, and moved back to Paris. This year she has made two collections and been part of the design exhibition “100% Norway” in Deluxe gallery, London.

In  2004 she is invited to show her work with interactive clothes “Female Interfaces” in a group show “Listen” in Centre George Pompidou, Paris.

In between these highlights, she has had several painting shows, most notably in Galleri Amare, Stavanger and Galleri Galtung, Oslo, where she has a loyal public buying her paintings and lithographs. There are several video works and installations, where she directs, films and edits and makes the music tracks made in collaborations with musicians like Bugge Wesseltoft, Rolf Wallin, Nile Rodgers to mention e few.



Pia Myrvold Billedkunstner

Pia Myrvold debuterte som billedkunstner i Norge på begynnelsen a? 80 tallet, med mange viktige felles og separatutstillinger. Hun utviklet tidlig en tverrfaglig kunst filosofi, med det resultat at mange a? hennes individuelle prosjekter har hatt suksess i internasjonale forum, fra arkitektur, design, maleri, skulptur, internett og installasjon til nylig da hun presenterte performance og interaktiv kunst i Centre Pompidou, Paris 2004.
Denne vàren er hennes fokus ?? billedkunst, fra de tradisjonelle mediene som maleri og akvarell, til video installasjon og digital kunst. Hun bor og arbeider i Paris.

Pia Myrvold Artiste peintre

Pia Myrvold est artiste peintre de l'ère du numérique. Elle a commencé en Norvège dans les années 80. Après plusieurs importantes expositions collectives et pesonnelles le travail de Pia devient de plus en plus pluridisciplinaire. Pia exerce, expérimente les outils "art tech"; vidéo, logiciels, internet ... dans des disciplines telles que l'architecture, le design ?? la performance. Ces derniers travaux "Female Interfaces" l'amène en 2004 au Centre Georges Pompidou à Paris et dans le noyau du monde de l'art "très" comptemporain .
Ce printemps fut consacré à la peinture sur toile en acrylique et aux couleurs à l'eau ainsi qu'à l'installation Vidéo et l'Art Numérique. Pia Myrvold vit et travaille à Paris.