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Copyright art and photos © 2003 Sophia Kalogeropoulou. Photo of the artist by Dinos Diamantopoulos



Sophia Kalogeropoulou was born in Athens, Greece, in 1946 and is a graduate of the American College. She has studied Law and Political-Economic Sciences at the University of Athens. She has studied also Music at the Athens Conservatory and at the Studio of the Vienna State Opera (Austria). She appeared as a soloist in the Vienna State Opera (1976-77). In the art of painting, she is self-taught, and has participated in many art exhibitions in Greece and abroad (Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland). She is a collaborator of the "Gallery Naifs and Primitifs" in Paris. She is married to the composer-musicologist Takis Kalogeropoulos and she has two daughters: Dione and Daphne.

Individual Exhibitions: Gallery "Aenaon" (Athens, 1990), "Megaron Gyzi" (Santorini, 1993), Gallery "Skoufa" (Athens, 1993), Gallery "I.F." (Sweden, 1994), Gallery "Chroma" (Corfu, 1994), Gallery Zoumboulaki (Athens, 1995), "Bratsera" (Hydra, 1996), Gallery "Mylonoyianni" (Creta, 1996), Gallery Zoumboulaki (Athens, 1998), "Gallery 4" (Halkis 1998), (Gallery "Chryssa" (Katerini, 1999), Gallery Zoumboulaki (Athens, 1999), Gallery "Metamorphosis" (Salonica, 2000), (gallery ďAmymone" (?oannina 2002), Gallery Zoumboulaki (Athens, 2002).