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Born 1942, Greece.


Individual exhibitions

1982: Skoufa exhibition space: "Images of Athens"

1984: Institut Français d'Athènes: "A Greek View of Paris"

1987: International Festival of Patras: "About Love"

1988: Greek Pinacothèque, Athens: "The Gazi"

1996: Laurion: Serpieri industrial area (with the support of the National Metsovion Polytechnic School): Images from the industrial area"

1997: Gallery Ileana Tounta, Athens: "Triptychs"

1997 Gallery 7, Athens: "After Rodin"

1999: Gallery 7, Athens: "Moments"

2000: Art space 24, Athens: "The hideouts of the photographer".


Group exhibitions

1995: Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athens: "Portraits of Yannis Tsarouchis".

1996: Mykonos. Organization by V. Drakou: "One act plays"

1998: "Art Athina 6, '98", Athens, with Gallery 7.



1975: "Neoclassic houses of Athens and Piraeus", Editions Dodoni, Gnosi, Olkos.

1976: "Neoclassic ruins", Editions Vergos.

1976: "Mytilini Castles", Exantas Editions.

1977: "Lesbos pavillions", I. Zacharopoulos Editions.

1984: "Gazi", Nea Synora Editions.

1986: "Nude", Okeanida Editions

1994: "The look", Gnosi Editions

1995: "Place of silence", Nea Synora Editions.

1995: "The painter Yannis Tsarouchis", Sponsor the company Ekter AE.

1996: "Lavrio", Sponsor the company DEI