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Photo of the artist made by Nikos Kokalias, photos of paintings made by Pavlos Konstantinidis




Takis Katsoulidis was born in Messini, Greece, in 1933.



He studied at the École Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Athens at the studio of G. Kefallinos (1952-1958). He studied also at the École Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris, at the woodcut and lithograph studios of Carni and Clairin (1962-1966) on a scholarship by the Greek Government. Additionally, he studied book design at the École Estienne (1971-1976).


Personal exhibitions

1960 Athens, Zygos gallery, woodcuts.

1966 Athens, Astor gallery, woodcuts-lithographies.

1967 Paris, Susanne de Coninck gallery, painting.

1969 Paris, Susanne de Coninck gallery, painting.

1973 Athens, Ora gallery, painting.

1976 Athens, ATO (Athens Technological Organisatlon), painting.

1979 Athens, Zygos gallery, painting.

1980 Ioannina, Epoches gallery, painting.

1981 Thessaloniki, Panselinos gallery, painting.

1982 Athens, Yakinthos gallery, "25 years of Engraver".

1984 Athens, Skoufa gallery, painting.

1989 Athens, Zoumboulaki gallery, album "Imikiklio" lithographies with poems of Giannis Ritsos.

1993 Athens, Yakinthos gallery, "Mani" album with 10 woodcuts.

1994 Athens, gallery Titanium, painting.

1995 Athens, Yakinthos gallery, album "Genesis".

1999 Athens, Pierides gallery, "Painting by light".


Group Exhibitions

1961 Panhellnic Exhtbition, of Young Artists, French Institute, Biennale, Alexandria.

1965 4th Biennale de Paris (French section), Biennale, Alexandria.

1968 Madrid (Atheneo gallery), "School of Paris Artists", Barcelone (Architecture College).

1969 6th Biennale Paris French section. 10th Salon   International de Paris Sud, Centre d'art integral  (Susanne de Coninck) 2nd Biennale de Merignac, France.

1974 Chicago "Greek Art Now", C.N.A. gallery (Greek Orthodox Archiocese of North and South America).

1977 Agrinio (Papastratia '77), Athens, Greek Engraving (New Shape gallery). Bari, Italy, "Greek Art".

1978 Athens, French Institute "Back to Lithography" (Artigraf).

1979 Paris, National Library "L' Estampe Aujourd'hui".

1981 Offenbach, W. Germany, International Competion "Senefelder Preis".

1983 Banten-Banten, 3rd Biennale Engraving. London, "Greek Engraving".

1986 II Mostra Internazionale d' Arte Citta di Todi, Italia.

1988 Athens, "Greek painting 1968-1988" National Gallery. "De Bonard a Baselitz. Estampes et Livres d' Artistes", Dix ans d'enrichissement du Cabinet des Estampes (Ten years of enrichement of Cabinet des Estampes). Paris 1978-1988.

1991 Offenbach, International Exhibition "Senefelder Preis".

1992 Athens, Pierides gallery, engraving exhibition "Obsessed with Karpasia".

1993 Maastricht, 1st Biennale of Graphic Arts, Holland. Philadelphia, USA, Engraving exhibition at the International gallery of Modern Engraving. South Carolina International Exhibition Ex Libris, The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). 



His works can be found in Athens National Gallery, the Vorres Museum and the Gennadios Library in Athens. Also at the National Bank Foundation in Thessaloniki and at the Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes. Some of his works are in the National Library of Paris (Cabinet des Estampes) ant in many private collections in Europe and the United States.


Academic activities

From 1971 to 1976 he was the Director of  the Department of Decoration at the Doxiadis Applied Arts School. From 1978 he has been elected at the post of Professor of Graphic Design at the School of Graphic Arts in the Techological Institute of Athens (T.E.I.).


Other activities

He has designed books published by the National Bank of Greece.He created a series of post-stamps for Cyprus and Greece. He was artistic adviser in Aspiotis-ELKA Co. (1986-1988). He participated in the researching programs of T.E.I. designing two new greek alphabets: "Apollonia" and "Katsoulidis", for use in photocomposition (AGFA).


Prices, distinctions

In 1961 he was awarded the First Prize of the Young Engravers at the Panhellenic exhibition of young artists and in 1976 he was awarded the Medal of the International Painting Exhibition for the European Prize in Ostend.