TERESA WENNBERG, Painter, video and computer artist


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Studies in law, economics and languages at the Stockholm University. Studied with new realist painter Francis Harburger in Paris, then moved to Spain and had her first one man show in Barcelona at Sala Gaudi in 1974. Moved back to Paris and participated in the "Nouveau Réalistes" movement movement there - Salon de la Jeune Peinture, American center, Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui... Started working with slideshows, sound and performances in 1977, worked with John Cage and with Nam June Paik and produced her first video at the Centre Georges Pompidou in 1978. She became one of the prominent video artists in France and participated in manifestations at galleries, museums, festivals and television. In 1982, he had a major one man show at the Gulbenkian Foundation / Museo de Arte Moderno in Lisbon. In 1983, she started integrating computer generated images in her work with the show "ELECTRA" at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris 1983. Since then, she has presented her electronic work as in situ installations with a combination of sculpture, architecture, sound, video and computer generated images. She has received a number of important grants to support this artistic research, from the French Ministry of Culture and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, among others. In 1986, she spent eight months in Japan as an artist in residence at the Aoyama Computer Graphic School in Tokyo and she was subsequently invited by the French Ministry of Culture to work with 3-dimensional computer graphics and animation at the C.I.M.A. - School of Architecture / Université de Paris VII in 1987 and 1989. She has also worked with 3-dimensional computer graphics and animation at the Woody Vasulka Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1990, at Le Fresnoy, Lille (France) and at Thomson Digital Images in Paris in 1992, among others. From 1992 to 1995, she was an artist in residence at the GAMSAU laboratory at the School of Architecture of Marseille/Luminy. 1994 - 1996 she was teaching "Image and New Technologies" at the Ecole Supérieur de Beaux Arts de Marseille. 1996-1997 she was teaching "Computer Art" at the Konstfack University School of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm and worked with the research group of Professor Eva Friis of the Royal Institute of Technology of Stockholm. In 1997, she was offered a residence at the Center for Paralell Computers (PDC) at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, with a project to develop an Interactive Virtual Reality Space ("The Paralell Dimension") She is a member of Ars Technica, France.


Teresa Wennberg´s virtual reality exhibition during 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden