Thanasis CHONDROS & Alexandra KATSIANI, Artists

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Thanasis Chondros was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, 1953.

Alexandra Katsiani was born in Siatista, Greece, 1954. They met each other in 1973.

Since 1974 they put in tune their behaviour.






ALLI POLl, a space of necessity


The art gallery Alli Poli (Thessaloniki, Greece) introduces a special project for 1996; every Saturday (except for one) Thanasis Chondros and Alexandra Katslani will present the phases or the views of a fluid work, a work In progress. The two artists use every means and material possible (photographs. constructions, painting. installation. slides, performance, music and many more) and differ from the standard schemes viewed on exhibitions aiming at living through the course of time. "51 Saturdays" is the title of these attempts to take place every Saturday evening at 8 o'clock.

(Press release, November 1995)



Thanasis Chondros and Alexandra Katsiani

51 Saturdays. 1996.

Like a retrospective with new works


50 is a round number. 52 is a full year. 51 means something incomplete and even the danger for the audience to visit the gallery during the certain Saturday with no exhibition.

The "51 Saturdays" allow the sense of continuous. It Is not an exhibition that was prepared at an uncertain time to be presented at a certain moment. Alli Poli is changed to a workshop and the Saturdays are the rhythmic pulse of the blood in its veins.

The "51 Saturdays" allow us the unrolling of the way of thinking that is characteristic of our behavior all these years. That is why we are talking about a "retrospective" exhibition. So using all kinds of materials, means and techniques (without following the "operating instructions") we will be with you for a whole year.

It is not the first time. of course, we present something extended. On February 1988 we presented the "Gestures", a month with a variety of events having us as the common pivot. Well, where do "51 Saturdays" surpass or differ from the "Gestures"? At the "Gestures" we were moving around the town (every event has taken place at a different space) whereas now the space is permanent: so remains of the past work to interact with the new. It does not mean that changes happen always in addition. Time extends; a year is a vivid organism climbing our back, having specific material and formal characteristics. Our position is ascetic through the discipline the duration determines. A few people attended all 'Gestures", we wonder whether it would be some to visit Alli Poli every Saturday round the year. No, we suppose not. And that leads, we hope, to the conscience of the knowledge Incomplete, '51 Saturdays" is a course looking for the Indulgence of the time. The common characteristics between 'Gestures" and "51 Saturdays" exclude us from the matter of 'new and unusual". The latter without being something bad. it has been very often an easy way to face our work preventing a more essential look.

(Press release, December 1995)