YANNIS METZIKOF, artist, stage designer, art director 

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Yannis Metzikof was born in Crete, Greece in 1955. 
He was educated at the Athens School of Fine Art where he studied painting under Yannis Moralis, and stage design under Vassilis Vassiliades. As a stage designer he has been working for the Greek National Theatre and other independent theatre companies.  

1982 «Queen Sophia» Foundation, Spanish Embassy, Athens. 
1987 Titanium Gallery, Athens. 
1988 Ri?? Castle entitled «Sacrifice» "Reflection I ". Patras Festival, «Stage Design for a Performance that will Never Be» 
1989 «Oracle-Reflection 11 » , Alles des Shaerbeek, Brussels. 
1990 «Sacrifice», Museo de Ia Giutat, Valencia. 
1991 Gallery A, London. 

1983 Antinor Gallery, Athens. 
1984 Antinor Gallery, Athens. 
1985 Vera Koulouras Foundation, Paleo Faliro, Athens. « Painterly Space-Theatricality» .  
Pierides Gallery, A touring show entitled «The Adventure of the Image, and its Refutation» to coincide «Athens Cultural Capital of Europe» . 
1986 « Images of Contemporary Greek Painting », National Gallery of Athens», Athens, Thessalonica, Sparta. 
1987 « Presences in Greek Painting» , Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia. «Space Alternatives: What the Servant Saw in the Closed Room» , Eleftheria Park, Athens . 
1988 An exhibition entitled «Painters» dedicated to the Poet A. Carouzos, Titanium Gallery, Athens. 
«Greek Artists in Nicosia» , Cyprus. «Greek Painting», a group show organized by the National Gallery of Athens, European Community Building, Brussels. «Painting for a Table», Municipal Art Gallery, Athens & Patras.  
1989 «The Mask-Our Alternative Face» , Municipal Art Gallery, Athens. «Summer Salon» , Titanium Gallery, Athens. « New Artists», National Gallery of Athens. «6+6», Titanium Gallery; Athens, Paris, Nimes.  
1990 «Summer Salon», Titanium Gallery, Athens. Sala de ?rt, Nafplion. «Greek Painters in International Art Institutes», Titanium Gallery, Athens. 
1991 «Water» , Municipal Art Gallery, Athens. «Greek Painters in International Art Institutes», Titanium Gallery, Athens. 

National Gallery of Athens, private collections in Greece and abroad.