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We present here the methodology in use to process our art in interiors projects.

1. Budget, technical, aesthetics.

We review the technical and aesthetic aspects of the project. We determine a preliminary budget for it, that will serve as a guide for the project's development.

2. Art selection

We work closely with the client's design team to define the type of artworks that will match the team's design concept. We engage in that process our experience, knowledge and our international artists' network (painters, sculptors, photographers, multimedia artists), galleries and other professional art partners and diverse art sources.

3. Art proposals

We work together with the designers on their architecture plans, materials sample boards and any other type of information available, in order to understand clearly the project.

Our art providers, send us photos, sketches, models, preliminary original artworks.

In certain cases, (large hotels and yachts, cruise ships), for the project's public areas we select and specify unique and original artworks including paintings, drawings, sculptures, glass art, ceramics, textile and fiber art, photography, multimedia and Internet art.

For other cases (hotel rooms, cruise ships' and yachts cabins), we select, with the clients' team and the designers, artworks that are in harmony with the other elements of the interiors, we prepare prototypes of reproductions in different techniques and materials; once they are approved by the clients we reproduce them at the required quantity for the different types of rooms.

4. Framing

We select catalog or specially produced moldings and decide about a framing of the paintings and prints that are in harmony with both the artworks and the project's interior design.

5. Project Proposal

Finally, we submit to the clients for approval an Art Project Catalog with a detailed list of the proposed artworks. We, also, produce multimedia presentations in order to give an even better feeling of our proposals to the clients.

6. Procurement.

Once the clients approve, we establish a detailed project schedule. We, then, solicit and review competitive bids for both existing and commissioned artworks, monitor carefully the process of commissioned artworks' creation and oversee the receiving process.

7. Delivery

We control strictly the logistics aspect of our projects, select carefully the packaging and the transport and follow personally these operations, that we consider vital for the whole process.

8. Installation

We maintain a personal presence on site, to guarantee correct local logistics at the artworks' arrival, to assist the installation crew at placing them at the predefined locations and to face any last minute project necessity that might arise.

9. Documentation

We prepare and deliver to the clients a complete and detailed catalog of the project's artworks, for insurance, information and marketing purposes. as well as for future reference.



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