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Euran Art & Industry: reproducing art digitally for interiors

1. Selection by the clients and their architects of the artworks to reproduce from our web site and other sources.

2. Tests of different reproduction techniques and materials.

3. Long tests of printing art reproductions on PVC to match accurately the colors of the original artworks and of the interior architecture.

4. Printing on PVC of all the necessary pieces. Strict quality controls of the panels, before and after printing.

5. Careful packaging and transport of the printed reproductions on PVC to the framing company.

6. Moldings’ tests under our direct supervision in factory, review and selection by the clients and their architects.

7. Production of all the necessary moldings. We operate our control in all its phases.

8. Careful packaging and transport of the moldings to the framing company.

9. Following important quality tests, production of all the necessary frames, and framing of the art reproductions.

10. Packaging in order, for easy placement , using bar-coded labeling system, of the framed art reproductions.

11. Transport of the framed art reproductions, using selected transport companies, to the clients’ warehouse.

12. Placement, under control, of the framed reproductions in prototype locations of the project first, then in all the others.

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